Passenger numbers continue to increase at Hollywood Burbank Airport

Hollywood Burbank Airport continues to see its passenger numbers improve as officials reported this week an 11.1% hike in September compared to the same month in 2016.

The airfield saw 394,786 passengers in September, which is a bump of 39,445 more than last year, said Nerissa Sugars, manager of air service development for the airport during a meeting of the Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena Airport Authority on Monday.


So far this year, passenger numbers at Hollywood Burbank have surpassed the previous year’s statistics every month. During August, 419,768 passengers traveled through the airfield — the highest number of passengers to fly in and out of Burbank in a month’s time this year.

Southwest Airlines, the largest carrier operating at Hollywood Burbank, reported 294,912 passengers in September, which was 29,321 more than in 2016.


Alaska Airlines also showed growth in September, tallying 40,687 passengers, or 7,047 more than last year.

Delta Air Lines reported 11,690 passengers during September, a jump of 3,217 more passengers than the year before.

United Airlines had a modest outing, reporting 29,844 passengers in September, which was 1,990 more than in 2016.

JetBlue Airways had a relatively flat month, with 7,943 passengers in September, just 41 more than last year. American Airlines recorded its worst month this year at Hollywood Burbank, reporting 9,710 passengers, or a drop of 2,171 passengers compared to its numbers in 2016.


Hollywood Burbank wasn't the only airport in the region that showed strong numbers in September. Los Angeles International Airport reported 6,785,089 passengers for the month, a bump of 181,982 more than last year. Long Beach Airport had 300,927 passengers, or 53,696 more than in 2016.

Ontario International Airport also showed signs of improvement, reporting 369,156 passengers in September, which was up by 19,722 compared to the year before.

John Wayne Airport reported 856,545 passengers for September, which was a drop of 10,528 passengers compared to last year. The decline may be due to a passenger cap that's been set for the airport, Sugars said.

Parking revenue at Hollywood Burbank also performed better than a year ago. Denis Carvill, the airport's deputy executive director of engineering, maintenance, operations and airline relations, said the airport generated about $1.7 million in September, which is about $3,000 more than the same month in 2016.

Mike Duong, the airport's senior manager of business and compliance, said the airport received an additional $206,634 from ride-sharing companies in September. There were 36,142 drop-offs and 32,736 pick-ups during the month.

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