Mailbag: In accord with Ray Richmond

I enjoy reading Ray Richmond columns. His latest, "On Fear and the Future," was the best. He hit it on the nose word for word, and we do have a lot to fear for four years — and then some — for this so-called president is making our country worse again, taking us back to more than 50 years ago. We are in deep trouble.

Nina Trotta-Sutton
Simi Valley

Questioning is right and fair

I come to you today to express my solidarity with Ray Richmond's recent columns.

Agree or disagree, Ray has the right as a journalist to exercise his 1st Amendment rights. I respect his views, and surely you don't expect the Burbank Leader to censor a journalist's opinion on the course we are presently on with this new president.

Americans have every right to question our elected officials who, after all, are employed by the country's citizens. It is a form of expression that is and must continue to be protected.

Carol Zellner
Studio City