Mailbag: Readers weigh in on Burbank City Council choices

Our choices for the Burbank City Council couldn't be clearer. One set of candidates speaks optimistically about Burbank and its direction, while the others represent negativity, denial and pessimism. Eleven years ago, Dr. David Gordon ran on complaints about others being on the council for multiple terms and calling for term limits. He complained about every aspect of Burbank's operation. Hypocrisy knows no better friend than Gordon when it comes to term limits.

Fast forward to today and not much has changed. He still complains endlessly about the city's operations, the staff, you name it. Let's examine one of Gordon's main complaints about Burbank, the budget. Under his almost 11 years of being on the council it has gone from a surplus to this year's projected $18M deficit. Gordon's sign logo of "Proven" really hits home. It's proven that he can do nothing for the city's budget issues, nothing for the traffic, nothing for the issues that are a real dilemma in Burbank.


So, when he espouses change, I couldn't be more in favor of it. A change is needed. A change in Gordon's seat, to be specific. This change would bring a shift from exclusivity and isolationism to inclusion and cooperation. Your vote is between a pessimistic optometrist and his protege, or the two candidates who will move the city toward a bright future for all of us — and remember, no stamp is necessary.

Alfred Aboulsaad



Springer is ready and qualified

When I heard that my friend Sharon Springer was running for Burbank City Council again, my ears perked up, and I asked her if I could help. When I ran for City Council I had five handsome gentlemen helping me. We decided that I would be Sharon's campaign chairperson, and I soon found out that she already had her act together, as we say in the business. She was knocking on doors, handing out flyers, setting up signs and standing at markets. She had all her qualifications, credentials, resume, boards, commissions, knew most of Burbank's problems and how to attempt to solve them.


I thought she certainly didn't need me, but I would tag along anyway. I am so proud to be with Sharon Springer as often as possible, and I am proud of the way she has conducted herself during all of the mudslinging during this campaign. I am appalled at the fact that two grown men are inciting young women to insult another candidate and attempting to intimidate seniors by trying to get their vote.

I cannot wait to see Sharon up there in the council chamber helping to solve some of Burbank's problems. I love the life I have had in Burbank for the past 63 years. Help us to keep it that way. Please join me by voting for Sharon Springer for Burbank City Council.

Elaine Paonessa


Time for Gordon to give up his seat

The Burbank City Council seat that's been occupied by David Gordon for the past 11 years needs a new occupant. Gordon is running for a fourth term on the City Council. I ask: what has David Gordon accomplished in his previous three terms? The answer is nothing. The city is facing a budget deficit and his only answer is that the City Council needs to get creative. If he's the astute council member he claims to be, where has his creativity been been in the past year or two or three? Nowhere to be found, nonexistent. His idea of creativity is to ask the federal government for help. That's typical of someone who has zero ideas. His answer to any positive suggestions by other council members has always been "no." That's his idea of leadership.

That new occupant for Gordon's council seat is Sharon Springer. She has exhibited true leadership in her concern for the residents of Burbank, has a stellar resume, and is well versed in the problems Burbank will be facing in the future. The city will be proud to have her as the newest member of its City Council.


Tom Wollnik


Springer will stand for what's right

I feel very honored to know Sharon Springer and cannot imagine a better person to work for and alongside those in the Burbank City Council. I first met Sharon when we both worked for a nonprofit providing services for the elderly and the forgotten in the community.

Sharon is not only a lovely, kind person, but she is also a passionate, strong-willed woman who will stand by everything she believes in. She has worked tirelessly to create a community garden for young people on the margins of society, who without Sharon would not even know or care what their individual true potential is or how to work for the greater good of one's community.

I have seen Sharon fight for those whose voices cannot be heard, or are not even considered in the city planning process: no parking on corners to protect those in wheelchairs, speed restrictions on streets to stop "boy-racers" zooming around on roads in the Burbank Hills.

As part of the Burbank Sustainability Committee, Sharon has a proven track record of working for the benefit of the people of Burbank. She works and works and works for what she believes in and will not be put off no matter how many hurdles she comes up against.

Sharon welcomes progress but will shout out if it is detrimental to the people and city. I cannot think of a more fair-minded person than Sharon Springer.

If I had to sum Sharon up in three words they would be honest, humble and feisty. Her gutsy spirit and her empathetic nature is exactly what Burbank needs now.

If I lived in Burbank I know where my vote would go — Sharon Springer.

Amanda Talbot


A Gordon pitch

The Burbank Little League had a very successful Opening Ceremony last weekend. With the help of the community, the fundraising was a great success. The league, which develops baseball and softball players ranging in age from 5 to 14, succeeds with community support. With that said, we want to wish a very special thank you to Dr. David Gordon, who threw out the first pitch. His endless commitment to the city, its residents and our youth organizations is much appreciated. Without his passion for our city, we would be at a loss.

Thomas Magoon

Burbank LL President

David D. Diamond

Burbank LL Vice-President

Saying no to negative politics

I am truly disappointed with the Burbank City Council, allowing council meetings to turn into what one might say is a soap opera starring Mike and Roy, directed by David Gordon. This takes away from city business and is really bad for the city. What makes it worse is that they are allowed to degrade and insult other council candidates. Enough is enough. It's time to work on the deficit and publicsafety issues, among other important matters, before things really get worse.

We have had enough of negative politics. Let's move on to something more positive and let David Gordon step down.

Dave Berger