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Gordon supporters wish him well, election winners offer their appreciation

While congratulating those elected I’d like also to thank Dr. David Gordon for his many years of service to the city. Since 1993, Dr. Gordon has served on various boards and commissions, including the Planning Board, prior to election to the City Council in 2006. Whether you agree with Dr. Gordon, in substance or in style, you must concur that he applied himself diligently to these positions and had the best interests of the city at heart as he saw it. I particularly admired his concern about skills training and the retention and growth of well-paying jobs.

While doing this service Dr. Gordon continued to run his own business, no doubt often sacrificing his income to taking care of city business. When I look at the composition of the new City Council I am concerned that it lacks people with front line business experience. Dr. Gordon will be missed.

Paul Dyson

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Fond farewell

So Long, Doc.

I was saddened to see the swath of anti-David Gordon letters printed by the Leader just prior to the City Council election. To hear it, Gordon was responsible for all evils in the city and for preventing the council from getting important things done. This was ironic, since for the last 10 years Gordon has been outvoted 4-1 on just about every issue to appear. His colleagues blocked his turn at mayor at every rotation, except for the year Bob Frutos replaced Dave Golonski. (There was hope that Frutos would be an allied vote for Gordon, but alas he has turned out to be another, if less polished, version of Golonski.)

I am excited to see how Sharon Springer will bring about the changes that will make Burbank great again. Hopefully she can prevent her development-crazy colleagues from turning our streets into solid gridlock. Gordon fought that fight for 10 years, and we’ll sorely miss him.

Tom Abrams


A loss for the city

Burbank has lost one of the most knowledgeable, caring-for-the-citizens-first, council members the city has ever had. David Gordon, you will be sorely missed. You are irreplaceable, and thank you for your faithful years of service. You withstood the bickering the council members threw at you with dignity and grace, and you held your ground.

God bless you and thank you again..

Steve Urbanovich


Thanks for support

I am grateful to have received your strong support and your vote in this general election. Many of you were there for me four years ago in 2013 and you have shown your trust in me again today. A heartfelt thank you for your vote to get reelected to the Burbank City Council.

Four years ago, I pledged to you my commitment toward working for you and our city. Today, I am more committed and dedicated to continue to work to tirelessly for you.

My door at City Hall is always open to all Burbank residents to listen to your concerns. Thank you for making my dream of effectively and honestly serving Burbank a reality. I want to make a positive difference in our city. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Bob Frutos


More thanks

I would like to thank our Burbank community for electing me to the City Council. Thank you for opening your doors when we knocked; thank you for talking with us outside grocery stores and schools. Thank you for tolerating my morning campaign runs. Thank you for hosting my bright pink signs, your financial contributions and your word-of-mouth endorsements.

Thanks to my campaign chair, Elaine Paonessa and my well organized, relentless volunteers for their inspiration, support and belief in me. Thanks to my organizational endorsements, family, friends and neighbors. I look forward to your continued engagement, interaction and to serving you in a positive, open, optimistic and inclusive way.

Sharon Springer

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