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City-watcher encourages locals to attend Burbank council meeting; reader takes issue with recent ‘In Theory’

The Tuesday, Nov. 7 Burbank City Council meeting may be one of its most important in years, as two of the city’s most severe and persistent problems will be addressed: the shortage of places to live in our area, and the large budget deficit, which the Burbank Leader has reported to be about $10.8 million this year and is projected to be about $27.4 million in the 2022-23 fiscal year. The deficit will reportedly cause proposed tax hikes and increases in city service fees to all Burbank residents, as well as cuts in teacher, police, fire department and other vital city services jobs.

What will be discussed at the Nov. 7 council meeting will be the proposed home building project at 816-820 S. Mariposa St. that would ease both the housing shortage and broaden our tax base. Many nearby local residents, who call themselves the “Equestrian Rancho Neighborhood,” have been furiously organizing to block this development.

It is very important that Burbank residents show up for the Nov. 7 council meeting to express views that represent the entire city and not allow these important issues to be decided by a highly vocal minority of our community.

Doug Weiskopf



To the best of my knowledge, the Burbank Leader is not, nor has it ever been, a faith-based publication. Why, then, did all three respondents to the In Theory question posed in your Oct. 28 issue — about the possible correlation between permissive ideology and campus sexual assaults — happen to be religious leaders, two of whom quote, chapter and verse, from the Bible? Imagine the same question posed to three leftist college administrators, all of whom happen to be atheist. In the future, please consider adhering to an element that seems to be pretty important in any legitimate newspaper: journalistic integrity.

Larry Urish


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