More apartments rise in NoHo Arts District

Apartment complexes planned before the demise of the redevelopment agencies in California continue to rise in North Hollywood.

The projects in the NoHo Arts District near the northern terminus of the Red Line subway include the recently completed NoHo Senior Villas for elderly low-income tenants.

A larger, $50-million market-rate complex is under construction nearby and has reached its top height of six stories.

Phoenix developer Alliance Residential is building the 308-unit market-rate complex called the Ferrara at 5031 Fair Ave. It is intended to be resort-like with outdoor dining facilities and bars, pools, cabanas and an outdoor movie venue.

“Our goal is to create a luxurious urban getaway for the residents,” said Jonas Bronk of Alliance.

The Ferrara is slated for completion late next year.

NoHo Senior Villas, which has 49 units, was built by Clifford Beers Housing and PATH Ventures at 5525 Klump Ave. for $16 million. Most of the units are reserved for seniors who were homeless and are dealing with a mental illness. The five-story complex has on-site facilities for mental health and social service personnel.

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-- Roger Vincent, Los Angeles Times

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