Sharing a letter written to politicians

I sent a note with the following points to our elected representatives:

1. United we stand, divided we fall. Once upon a time we were Americans first and foremost. The only nation in the world whose founding fathers had a vision of Democracy based on all men created equal. Let us remember our roots. I am certain that greater abundance for everyone will result from this wisdom of our forefathers.

2. Let us remember that the stated purpose of the Bush tax cuts was to refund “overcharged” Americans. Reckless and irresponsible and certainly not financially conservative. We gave up our rainy-day savings and it's been raining for more than five years.

3. Accept the chain-weighted consumer price index but remove the cap on Social Security deductions. It's also a form of a tax on the wealthiest who don't need it but can best afford it. Many may not need it but draw benefits anyway. Those who do need it can become eligible. Can a wealthy man turn his back on the very people who made his wealth possible?

4. In order to pay taxes one must earn a profit. If the record $2 trillion in corporate cash on hand is not enough to justify investment in employment, training, research and education, then incentivize repatriated cash with reduced taxes for every dollar spent on increased investment in human resources.

Higher employment will drive the consumer portion of our economy and earn exponential returns on investment.

5. Let shareholders vote on whether certain short-term gains justify long-term consequences. Does a $50-million compensation plan earn more diligent stewardship than a $100-million package? If loyalty can be bought, it is worth nothing. Let shareholders ask their chief executive what his position is.

Nick Drance

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