Meet the 17 applicants for city clerk, city treasurer

When the City Council convenes on June 28 to fill the vacated positions of city clerk and city treasurer, they’ll have 17 applicants representing a wide swath of the local political sphere to choose from.

The two spots are typically elected positions, but early retirement announcements by former City Clerk Margarita Campos and City Treasurer Donna Anderson prompted the City Council to decide to fill the positions before next year’s regularly scheduled election.

The 17 candidates each submitted a video presentation along with their applications — all of which are available on the city’s website. At the special June 28 meeting, each applicant will have three minutes at the podium before the council appoints by simply majority.

Some of the applicants will likely be familiar to the public, including Zizette Mullins, who is on the Civil Service Board; Debbie Kukta, a Burbank Unified school board member; Garen Yegparian, a member of the parks and recreation board and golf oversight committee; and

Will Rogers

, a former columnist for Times Community News and public fixture.

All applicants must have been a resident and registered voter for 29 days before applying. The following overview of candidates is based on information they submitted to the city as part of the application process.



The office manages the city’s funds and investments, and reports back to the city with cash and bank balances on a monthly basis.

Darrin Borders

, a 45-year Burbank resident, is a library assistant for the city. He sits on the city’s Retirement Plans Committee and is a trustee on the Burbank Employees Retiree Medical Trust. As former treasurer for the Boys & Girls Club of Burbank, he was responsible for a revenue budget of $1.8 million and formerly oversaw the $450,000 budget of the Burbank City Employees Assn., according to his application. Borders is a member of the Burbank Noon Rotary.


Pamela Corradi

is president and chief executive of Corradi Arms Inc., which has developed 43 condominium units in Burbank. A 69-year Burbank resident, Corradi manages a financial consulting business and for 23 years ran a tax preparation firm. Corradi served as president of the Burbank Chamber of Commerce and the Burbank Sunrise Kiwanis and was a chairwoman on the Providence High School Board of Regents.


LaShae Dandy

, a seven-year Burbank resident, is an insurance billing specialist at Holding Hands Inc., which serves children with neurological and biological diagnoses. Dandy has 20 years of bookkeeping and payroll experience and serves as a board member for Hands for Hope, an organization that reaches out to minority youth in North Hollywood. Dandy is also applying for city clerk.


David Ellman

, a five-year Burbank resident, has been a self-employed consultant since July 2011, preparing royalty statements for Bella Girl Music and serving as a financial advisor to Ohaye Music. From 1992 to 2011, he worked for Chrysalis Music Group Inc., a music publishing company for which he oversaw the accounting department, prepared monthly closing statements and analyzed catalog acquisitions that cost $5 million to $10 million.


Debbie Kukta

is president of KO Properties Inc., a manufacturing company for which she has more than 25 years of experience. A 54-year Burbank resident and accountant, she has performed audits for more than four years. Kukta also serves on the board of the Burbank Unified School District and has belonged to the Verdugo Workforce Investment Board since 1999. She is involved with Burbank Noon Kiwanis and National Charity League of Burbank.


Michael Sanchez

works as a pool technician for Burbank Pool and Spa. A Burbank resident for two years, he is a student majoring in journalism at Los Angeles Valley College, where he plans to graduate with an associate degree in 2014.



The office maintains all official city records; keeps a complete and accurate record of all City Council and other related proceedings; and conducts all municipal elections.

Peter Chu

, an adjutant/administrative officer in the

U.S. Marine Corps

, managed the administrative department for more than 1,000 Marines and sailors. Chu has a degree in environmental engineering and took a basic accounting course, among other courses and training.


Susan Domen

, a Burbank resident for five months at the time of her application, serves as deputy city clerk. Domen has worked in municipal government for 11 years, nine of those years in the city clerk’s office. She has held the position of deputy city clerk since February 2011. Before that she worked as deputy city clerk for the city of Downey for about three years, and worked in other areas of city government in Downey and La Puente.


Alan Hearne

is controller and chief financial officer for Etco Homes and Etco Investments. A Burbank resident for nearly two years, Hearne has volunteered with the Starlight Bowl, Falcon Theatre and Burbank on Parade, among other activities. Hearne lists about 20 years of experience, specialized training and formal education in the areas of financial and administrative management.


Patricia McCauley

spent more than 20 years with Paramount Pictures and is a volunteer with the Burbank


Shelter. McCauley also serves as vice president of public relations of the

Warner Bros.

Toastmasters Club and board secretary for the Pacific Ballet Theatre. Her application states that her professional experience has required accurate records and efficient processes for success of the organization. At Paramount, her team supported a population ranging from 2,500 to 6,000, among other duties.


Zizette Mullins

has worked as the community relations coordinator for the city of Glendale since 2007, and has lived in Burbank for 30 years. Mullins has worked for Glendale since 1987 in various departments, including finance. In her current position, Mullins works closely with the mayor, council and executive team, and much of her job entails extensive community outreach. For two years, she has been a member of the Burbank Civil Service Commission, including as chairwoman.


Rena Nelms

has worked as a senior paralegal and has experience as a volunteer at a polling station during an election. Nelms states that her experience reporting on hearings and documenting procedures is valuable to the position of city clerk and cites records management and database training, among other courses and training.


William Rogers

is a freelance writer, journalist and actor who has lived in Burbank for 15 years. His work has appeared in the

Los Angeles Times

, L.A. Weekly and Burbank Leader and Glendale News-Press, among other publications. Rogers wants to explore the potential for returning to the conventional “election day” system, which he will expand upon in his statement to the council.


Maria Gloria Salas

works as an office administrator overseeing the daily operations of a law office. Her work experience includes legal work relating to public finance and municipal law. She has lived in Burbank about 14 years and has been active in St. Francis Xavier School and Church and was a member of the Human Relations Council of Burbank.


Sharon Springer

is a business owner and independent contractor with a master’s degree in city and regional planning. Springer is also a member of the Sustainable Burbank Commission, has prepared reports to comply with federal law and withstood auditor scrutiny, in addition to 15 years of management and supervisory experience, according to her application.


Nonna von Sonn

, a 15-year resident, works as an executive assistant in the city’s Financial Services Department. She worked in the City Council office for 7 1/2 years. Her employment with the city of Burbank began in 2002, when she worked as a payroll assistant. As a former Hughes Aircraft Co. employee, she worked in data management operations.


Garen Yegparian

works for the Los Angeles city clerk’s special assessments section. He works on the Business Improvement District and other special assessments adopted by voters. He also has experience working in the Elections Division in various capacities. Yegparian is an 18-year resident and member of the Parks and Recreation Board and golf subcommittee. He is also involved with the Burbank Human Relations Council, among other community activities and memberships.


The special meeting takes place at 4 p.m. Thursday at Burbank City Hall and is open to the public.

Applications and videos can be seen on the city’s website,