Car auction in Burbank kicks into gear

Bill Gaddy snapped a photo of a forest-green 1965 Jaguar XJ13 parked on the sidewalk outside the Burbank Airport Marriott, where hundreds of cars were being sold to the highest bidders at the annual Auctions America car auction.

“I’m just here to salivate a little bit,” the Los Angeles resident said, adding that he didn’t plan to bid on any cars. “There’s just something about the curves on a beautiful car that’s hard to resist.”

A few feet away was a red 1966 Shelby 427 Cobra, which a tour guide said could go for $1 million. When new, it cost $6,200.

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“They’ve got a remarkable collection of beautifully restored cars,” said Los Angeles resident Steve Sletten. Though many cars were “out of reach,” a lot were very accessible, he said.

Most of the cars were expected to sell for less than $100,000, according to a press release.

The three-day auction, which runs until Saturday evening, featured more than 400 cars of all ages, ranging from a 1911 Premier Model 4-40 Touring Car to a 2012 Ford Mustang.

A number of celebrity vehicles were also in the mix, including a Ferrari previously owned by Rod Stewart and a BMW formerly owned by Nicole Kidman, as well as the 1949 Buick Roadmaster believed to have been featured in the movie “Rain Man.”

Tom Morr, a public relations representative for Auctions America, called the offerings a “mixed bag,” featuring cars for all budgets, from a restored fire truck and Volkswagen campers to seven-figure Ferraris.

Los Angeles resident Michael Zarabi was selling 63 cars, all of which he acquired at once three years ago, in the auction, including the “Rain Man” Buick.

“It was time to split up the collection, buy some other cars I had my eye on,” Zarabi said, adding that he was mostly interested in Italian sports cars.

Montebello resident Paul Bozoian said he travels far and wide to go to car shows and auctions.

“Just to come and take a day off work to look at all the fantastic cars, you can’t see these things every day,” he said.

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