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How to Make This Anniversary the Best One Yet?

How to Make This Anniversary the Best One Yet

We don't need to mention anything since everyone already knows that life is different right now. COVID-19 has flipped the world upside down. That does not, however, mean that all celebrations must be postponed! We have your back if you are celebrating a significant milestone. Whether it is your first or tenth anniversary, we challenge you to make the most of your time together at home!

You might be disappointed that you won't be able to celebrate your anniversary at that exclusive restaurant or on that exotic trip you may have planned, but we've come up with a checklist of ways to do so from home. Let's light some candles, crack some sparkling wine, and get this party started! In reality, when going out for a meal is the typical go-to activity, the extra effort and ingenuity required to celebrate at home may make the milestone much sweeter.

Set the table

Prepare the table in the dining area, bring out the fine tableware, get some fresh flowers from the yard, ignite the candles, and so on. Do you want to replicate your first date's setting? Make it happen! Was there a certain core focus during your big day? Use your imagination! There are a plethora of lovely decorations to choose from throughout the house to create the ideal romantic environment, and the sky's the limit.

Get ready to party

You don't have to dress up to head out at night, but it might be fun to dig out your wedding gown and put it on if you want to. Most brides express a desire to wear their gown more than once, so why would this be different? You and your partner may even make a second maiden appearance.

Renewal of vows

Repeat your vows once again. You have an excellent occasion to spend this private moment together because it's just the two of you. You've likely exchanged vows in front of numerous people on your wedding day; a renewal of vows with no one else present may be really meaningful to both of you.

Watch the wedding video and photos

Wouldn't it be lovely to commemorate your anniversary by reflecting on the events of the day? Take out your wedding photographs and spend some time together going through them. You'll remember why you are happy to be with each other every step of the way. If you want to go even further, break out your wedding videos. When's the last time you've seen these?

Donate to a cause that both of you care about

Anniversaries are about reconnecting with one other, and it's also a great opportunity to reaffirm the things that are important to you both. Take a little time out of the day to give back to a project or organization that both of you care about. Perhaps each of you has your own charitable or volunteer endeavor. Make time to accommodate both; this way, you'll be able to understand more about your partner's motivations.

Do nothing at all together

This may seem ridiculous, but every now and again, couples need a chance to disconnect from the outer world and spend quality time together. Turn off your phones and laptops. Spend the morning and evening playing video games, watching Netflix, baking, or whatever else you choose. Maintain a light-hearted tone; the more fun, the healthier.

Choose gifts

Wedding anniversary gifts need more thinking than other types of anniversaries, which makes sense given that they commemorate your love for your life partner. Finding the right anniversary present is a unique way to honor the occasion whether you are reaching the 5-year milestone, have been married for years, or are coming in on one year of married bliss. The ideal anniversary present, above all, is something you know they will appreciate.

The final pick!

We understand that an anniversary is a special occasion in everyone's life, and each couple wants to make it memorable regardless of the number of years they have spent together. Your spouse will surely love our list of the best ideas to make the anniversary the best one.

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