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Tips and Tricks for Planning the Perfect Wedding

Tips and Tricks for Planning the Perfect Wedding

The wedding is one of the most special and divine days of anyone’s life. To make it memorable, you definitely need extensive planning and research, or you might end up stressing yourself out at the worst possible time. You have to manage the expenses as couples often overspend their savings for a lavish wedding experience and regret the decision later. That’s why we have revealed some tips and tricks to help you plan your big love-life day without breaking your bank.

Save The Dates

The first and most crucial decision you and your partner must make is finalizing the date of the wedding. Dates must be selected by considering the season, holidays, and the number of pre-wedding events you want to conduct. Moreover, if you set timelines for weekends or during any major festival, the wedding venue may charge you a higher cost. Also, keep the wedding at least 4 to 5 months out so that you can easily prepare for other aspects like shopping, guest lists, and more.

Discuss Budget

After you have selected the dates, discuss the budget with your partner and your family. It is highly essential to set expenditure boundaries for every shopping session. Furthermore, if you are planning to hire wedding organizers, discuss your clear expectations and requirements for the day with multiple contractors and let them give you a rough estimate. Compare the various organizers and their services and ultimately select the most suitable plan.


Decide whether you want a sprawling resort wedding or a small church ceremony. Once you are clear with the expected venue, start searching for the available resorts, hotels, churches, or banquet halls for the day. If you are someone who wants a destination wedding with your close family members and friends, start your research accordingly and select the final venue nearest to the preferred destination.


Weddings can lack a joyful vibe if you do not concentrate on the decoration part. The floral theme is the most welcoming and trendy decor in modern marriages. You can use fresh flowers like roses, lilies, daisies, and orchids. In contrast, some people also prefer artificial decorative items which do not wilt and give a gloomy appearance after a few hours of the ceremony. You can also use the amalgamation of some real flowers and artificial decoration to level up the wedding decor.

Wedding Outfits

Reach out to different bride and groom fashion designers in your town to get the most stunning dress for your lovely day. Try out various outfits if you are planning to purchase ready-made garments. On the other hand, if you want a specially designed outfit, discuss your requirements and explore the different patterns and styles of the trending wedding outfits. A quick tip here — make sure the theme of your and your partner’s clothes is the same so that the outfits become more memorable and special for both of you.

Guest List

Once you are done with the personal preparation of the wedding, it’s time for the social announcement of the big day. Make a guest list that includes your and your partner’s family members, relatives, and friends. Furthermore, you might want to have some pre-wedding parties with only close acquaintances: make sure to create a separate list of those guests.

Wedding Invitations

It is crucial to inform all your guests at least one or two months before the wedding so they can mark the dates in their calendar and conveniently attend your wedding ceremony. Invite your guests with customized wedding invitations. Select the design and color of the cards while making sure they match your wedding theme. Apart from the main information about the date, timings, and venue, you can also send a cute request of attending the event. If you want more decoration, use wedding card boxes, including the invitation card, a customized letter, some flowers, and goodies.

Dinner Prep

You'll need to finalize the dinner menu and the amount of food preparation according to the number of invited guests. Select the cake flavor in advance; if you want a customized cake, you should get in touch with the baking artist and share your theme and preferences with him/her.

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