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A new component is quickly emerging as a must-have addition for blenders — the travel jar. Travel jars offer the convenience of blending and enjoying your favorite drinks on the go. With their compact size and secure lids, these portable containers make it easier than ever to maintain a healthy lifestyle while keeping up with your busy schedule.
April 01, 2024
Bestcovery has tested several blenders over the past few weeks to help you find the best one for your home. If you still don't know which one to get, we’ve got another comparison for you! Below is my honest review and comparison of the Blendtec GO Travel Bottle and Base and the Beastmode blender by Beast. Whether you’re looking for convenience, versatility, or durability, we’ll break down the features of both options to help you make the right choice.
March 22, 2024
When it comes to finding the right blender for your needs, there are many options to choose from. From small compact blenders to high-powered, professional-grade models, every blender has its own features and capabilities. To help you find the perfect blender, Bestcovery put popular ones to the test! Below is my honest review of the Beast Blender, including what I liked, what could be improved, and whether or not I’d recommend it.
March 12, 2024
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  • Are you on the hunt for a new blender but having a hard time making a decision? Feeling overwhelmed with choices? If so, you’ve come to the right place! Vitamix and Blendtec stand as major contenders in the blender market, so Bestcovery put them to the test. Check out my honest review and comparison below to determine which one truly reigns supreme in this ultimate blender showdown.
    February 23, 2024
  • In today's fast-paced world full of busy schedules, even essential tasks like oral hygiene can sometimes get rushed or overlooked. The Y-Brush Electric Toothbrush offers a promising solution to this common problem. Unlike traditional toothbrushes that recommend a full two-minute brushing session, the Y-Brush only takes 20 seconds to do the job.
    December 01, 2023
  • There's nothing quite like the feeling of a new pair of leggings, especially when you find one that fits just right. Athleta and Lululemon, two major companies in the athletic apparel industry, claim to have the best leggings. They're both popular brands with thousands of good reviews, but which one is better? We decided to settle the debate ourselves! We tested a pair of leggings from both brands to help you decide which one is worth investing in.
    October 13, 2023
  • The world of adhesive is vast and sprawling, but the king of the hill has to be epoxy. There is a special kind of epoxy for every application from simple, wooden joinery to plugging leaks in boat hulls. Choose the right one and the end result will be a joint or repair that is both strong and astoundingly long lived.We've narrowed down our selections to the most commonly-encountered types of epoxy, though this is not meant to be an exhaustive list of every type of epoxy that exists. Our recommendations take into consideration the overall effectiveness of each best epoxy in 2022, value for money, availability both off- and online, user reviews, and personal experiences with each.The following categories are represented below:Best All-Purpose EpoxyBest Wood EpoxyBest Metal EpoxyBest Plastic EpoxyBest Putty EpoxyBest Waterproof EpoxyWhere applicable, we've included multiple recommendations for your convenience. All of the epoxies selected here are great products, so it ultimately comes down to personal preference.
    February 03, 2016
  • Whether you’re a morning or night showerer, you’ll want a soft, comfortable towel to wrap up in when you’re finished. That’s why the Bestcovery team has scoured hundreds of soft towel reviews and best bath towels consumer reports to find our picks for the best bath towels of 2023. We looked at different factors like size, absorbency, dry time, and more to ensure you can find the best bath towels for your bathroom.Price Legend: $: 0 - 49$$: 50 - 99$$$: 100+
    July 20, 2023
  • Cooking is an art, and the right tools make all the difference in creating the perfect dish. One of the most crucial tools is a quality set of pots and pans that lasts through countless Saturday morning breakfasts and holiday dinners. To help you evaluate the many options available on the market and make an informed decision, here’s a list of the five best pots and pans sets available today.Price legend$: Under $100$$: $100-$200$$$: $200-$300$$$$: $300 and up
    July 17, 2023
  • Our showerhead ratings are based on water pressure, number of settings, design, price, and other factors contributing to a better shower. Whether you’re looking for a high-pressure massage or a gentle rainfall effect, we’ve got you covered. See what top showerheads made our list!
    May 26, 2023
  • Dogs and cats bring unconditional love and joy to their owners’ daily lives, giving snuggles and kisses through the good times and the bad. But despite how wonderful pets may be, every pet parent has come to terms with the fact that pet hair is now a permanent feature of their home, no matter how many times they may try to lint roll their clothes and furniture or use a deshedding tool. This stray hair can contribute to allergic reactions — including sneeziness, red eyes, itchiness, runny nose, and skin irritation — asthma, respiratory problems, poor indoor air quality, and housekeeping challenges.The good news is that thanks to the best pet hair vacuums of 2023, your furry friends’ dander doesn’t have to be woven into the fibers of your clothing or upholstery anymore. This article will review the best vacuum innovations of the year for pet hair to make your purchase — and life — easier. Our team has evaluated the latest models from top brands in the industry to identify the best Dyson for pets, the best cordless stick vacuum for pet hair, the best lightweight pet vacuum, and so forth to help you find the right product for your needs. We consider various factors like suction power, filtration, maneuverability, and accessories in our review.Whether you're dealing with light or heavy shedding, we've got you covered with options for every price range, home size, and floor type. Read on to find out which models made our list and which is best for your home and lifestyle.Price legend$: 0-200$$: 200-400$$$: 600-800
    March 17, 2023
  • In the world of baking, a stand mixer is an essential tool that can help you achieve the perfect consistency and texture for your cakes, cookies, and breads. With so many models on the market, choosing the right one for your needs can be overwhelming. That's why Bestcovery has taken the time to review and compare the best mixers of 2023, so you can make an informed decision before purchasing.Our team of experts has analyzed the strengths and weaknesses of various stand mixers — from the KitchenAid Artisan to the Cuisinart Precision Mixer — based on factors such as power, speed, capacity, and durability. We've also considered additional features like attachments, ease of use, and design to help you find the best stand mixer that fits your budget and preferences. Our evaluation will make it easy to compare brands like the Wolf mixer vs. the Kitchenaid or the Cuisinart vs. the SMEG.Whether you're a professional baker or a home cook who enjoys experimenting with different recipes, Bestcovery's list of the best stand mixers of 2023 will help you make the perfect choice for all your baking needs. So, get ready to whip up your favorite treats with ease and precision.Price legend$: 0 - 350$$: 350 - 650$$$: 650 - 950+
    March 10, 2023
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  • We spend an average of 26 years of our lives sleeping, so our beds should be a sanctuary of comfort and relaxation. To create the ultimate sleep sanctuary, you need the perfect sheets that surround you in luxurious softness. When you think about luxury sheets, Cariloha is a brand that comes to mind. They boast soft, cool, and breathable fabric that wraps you in unparalleled comfort.
    February 07, 2024
  • Full-body razors are taking the grooming world by storm, providing a polished, well-groomed look from top to bottom. One of the biggest players in the full-body razor game is the Manscaped Lawn Mower 4.0. This electric razor boasts advanced technology that offers a safe and smooth shave.
    December 15, 2023
  • Many people are in the pursuit of pearly whites, and with so many products on the market, it's easier than ever to achieve your preferred smile from home. Because of how popular teeth whitening is, Bestcovery decided to put some whitening products to the test. To help with this, Lumineux sent us one of their whitening kits to review. Check out the review below to learn more about this kit's ease of use, effectiveness, value, and pros and cons.
    November 28, 2023
  • A good night’s sleep is important for our overall health. However, getting restful sleep is difficult if you have scratchy or uncomfortable bedding. Now is a great time to upgrade your old bedding for a new set that will elevate your sleep and bring new life to your bedroom decor! To aid in your search for better bedding, we put together this list of the best bedding sets of 2023. In our list, you’ll find the top bedding brands to help you create the ultimate sleep sanctuary. Price legend$: 0-100$$: 101-200$$$: 201+
    September 22, 2023
  • There’s nothing worse than laying down after a long day, expecting a restful night of sleep only to experience a hot, sticky, restless eight hours thanks to your stifling, low-quality bed sheets that trap your body heat. We’ve all been there. If you're a hot sleeper or live in an area that regularly sees warm weather, this may be your nightly reality. If it is, we have the perfect solution — cooling sheets! And the best part? Bestcovery has done the legwork in tracking down and researching the best cooling sheets of 2023 so you don’t have to. Check out what we found and see which of the best sheets for hot sleepers may give you the more restful sleep you need this year.Price legend$: 0-120$$: 121-180$$$: 181+
    September 08, 2023