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A Quick Guide To Playing Volleyball

A Quick Guide To Playing Volleyball

Volleyball is one of the most famous sports in the world. The continuous back-and-forth of the ball between teams over the net is mind-boggling. Moreover, the anticipation that builds up as the game progresses is very exciting.

This article will provide you with a quick guide about the game of volleyball, team formation, and other requisites.

What Are The Basics of Playing Volleyball?

Formation And Player Numbers

Each team has six players in volleyball with different responsibilities. Besides having different duties, they are dispersed on the court in different positions:

  • Setters are the leading players who serve the ball and transfer it to the opposing team.
  • Outside hitters are positioned on the left side, and they are the main attackers. Their task is to ensure that they can hit it back to the opposing team once the ball passes over the net.
  • Opposite hitters are the right-sided players. They are also the attackers in a team. Besides attacking, they also defend their team by not allowing a foul throw.
  • Middle blockers are the tallest players, and they have to block the ball and give instructions to the hitters.
  • The player placed at the end of the court is known as the libero.
  • The defense specialist acts as an all-rounder and can substitute any player on the team.

Practice Different Motions And Actions With The Ball

Now that you have understood the team members and their roles, your responsibility will be to practice the motions with the ball. The following are the main actions that need to be performed:

  • Serving is where the ball is sent to the other side by the setter.
  • Attacking is when you hit the ball after it is returned to your court.
  • Defending means preventing the ball from hitting the end line.
  • Blocking is to block the attacking hit from the opposing team.

Develop Attacking And Blocking Skills

The two most important actions required to play the best volleyball game are attacking and blocking. However, one cannot master both skills overnight. Below, we have briefly described the ways in which your attacking and blocking skills can be developed.

  • You should be able to jump high to reach the ball.
  • Speed is critical, especially as you might have to move from your original position to attack or defend.
  • Learn the Dig technique to defend a hit when the opposite hitter fails to block the attack.
  • You must learn to analyze the weakest and most vital points of your opponent before attacking.
  • Do not send the ball in a straight direction as that might hit the net, costing your team one point. Learn to arch it over the net.

Get The Right Gear For Playing Volleyball

Your next job will be to get the proper gear for playing volleyball. Typically, volleyball doesn’t require special clothing attire. But yes, there are some safety gear you should use. For example:

  • You need the best volleyball knee pads to ensure that your knees aren’t injured in case you fall on the ground or slide accidentally.
  • Use proper shoes that will be lightweight, grippy, and fit snugly.
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