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Alpha Athletics Alpha One Golf Glove Review

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Alpha Athletics proves it shouldn't cost a fortune to have a top-quality golf glove to improve your game.

It's often overlooked, but a glove is an essential accessory when playing golf. A good glove will provide the necessary grip when swinging your clubs, especially if you’re playing on a hot summer day or misty morning. Unfortunately, golf gloves tend to vary widely when it comes to price and quality. With expenses rising in recent times, we figured it would be prudent to check out a glove that won't break the bank. Alpha Athletics stepped up to the plate, and for the $14.95 retail price, I was thoroughly impressed.

Disclosure: Alpha Athletics provided Bestcovery.com with their signature Alpha One glove to evaluate.

Alpha Athletics uses AAA genuine Cabretta leather, and the quality is readily apparent the moment you begin handling the glove out of the box. One of the first things you notice is how soft it feels; once you slip it on, it’s supple and flexible, especially in the region around the knuckles and near the fingertips. There's hardly any resistance or binding when gripping the club, and it was comfortable to wear throughout my time on the course.

When I tee’d off, the temperature was in the low 80s. The glove has ample perforation on the palm and fingers. Considering the ambient temperature, there wasn't much sweat buildup and my hand remained dry the entire time.

There’s not much to fault here, especially given the price point. If we're resorting to nitpicking, I’d prefer a magnetic ball marker option as well as some different colors. I don’t mind the gold accents but perhaps others might. As for fit, the glove seems to run very true to size. I wore a medium and it fit my hand just right with no slack or odd tightness.

The Alpha Athletics Alpha One golf glove was an instant hit with me and I’ll be using it throughout the upcoming spring and summer season. If you’re looking for a great-fitting, soft, and flexible golf glove that won’t break the bank, consider the Alpha One.

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