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Improve Your Golf Skills With the Best Golf Net

  1. Hit Run Steal Golf Net
  2. GoSports Golf Net
  3. SASRL Golf Net
  4. Spornia Golf Net
  5. Buyer's Guide

We’ve all heard that practice makes perfect, and bettering your golf game is no different. Golf swing practice is the most effective method for improving one’s swing and becoming a more advanced player. Whether you're looking to compete or simply have a good time out on the course with some friends, having a practice net in your backyard will help you sharpen your skills. What’s more, a golf net is a great investment if you don't have convenient access to a practice facility. Because you can use them in various settings, these handy nets allow you to practice when the range is closed or even in a large spare room with high ceilings. But, thanks to the large number of options available on the market, choosing an ideal golf net for your practice sessions can be difficult. To help, we’ve compiled a list of the top golf nets of 2022 so you can improve your golf skills.

Comparing the Top Golf Nets of 2022

Hit Run Steal Golf Net - Best Overall

This golf net by Hit Run Steal is the ideal invention for professional golfers who want to practice a variety of shots. The large surface area of the golf net allows you to practice different shots in different directions. What’s more, the mesh’s knotless construction enhances this net’s longevity. The net’s base is made of steel for added longevity, while the fiberglass poles provide stability while allowing just enough flex to avoid damage. As an added bonus, fiberglass pipes are more lightweight than iron or steel pipes and they do not rust or deform. Thanks to this net’s durable steel construction and upright positioning, we’ve chosen it as our best overall pick.

  • Features a heavy-duty, high-quality net
  • Lightweight and portable design
  • Carry bag for easy storage and transport
  • Doesn’t work well in the wind

GoSports Golf Net - Easy Installation

This fantastic golf practice net from GoSports can be used indoors or outdoors to help you improve your swing. What distinguishes this net from others is that it was designed by golfers who understand the demands of other golfers. The net itself is made of reinforced nylon, and the whole apparatus is simple and quick to put together so you can practice anywhere. The net is also designed with an angle to cause the ball to roll back, so it's possible to practice with just a single ball. Plus, it includes an additional target to help you hit that perfect shot.

  • Sets up in minutes
  • Strong metal frame and flex poles
  • Durable and lightweight structure
  • May be hard to disassemble

SASRL Golf Net - Most Versatile

The SASRL Golf Net comes with three mini chipping pockets and one large target that you can drape over the net's front to dial in any club in your bag. The net features fiberglass rods, high-strength Oxford cloth and tear-resistant, lightweight nylon netting that can handle the speed of genuine balls. Due to the pre-attached framework and built-in ground sheet, setup is quick and easy, taking only a few minutes. Measuring 10 feet wide, 8 feet high, and 7 feet deep, this net gives you ample space to swing without worrying about wayward balls.

  • Large net for all types of practice
  • Contains multiple targets
  • High-quality, durable build
  • Disassembly usually requires a helper

Spornia Golf Net - Best Design

The Spornia Golf Net is a unique design that improves the efficiency and enjoyment of every golfer’s practice session. It features a handy ball return system, so you don’t have to walk out and retrieve the balls after every shot. What’s more, it doesn't matter if you’re looking to hit the top, middle, or bottom - simply modify the design to your required angle. The specialized large center target is designed to take the full force of a real golf ball, and it also has the added benefit of muffling the impact noise. Unfortunately, it can't do anything about the sound of the club hitting the ball, but there's little that can be done about that anyway. The net is also extremely portable due to its light weight and takes less than 30 seconds to set up.

  • Features solid construction around the edges
  • Includes an automatic ball return system
  • Ideal for outdoor or indoor use
  • Expensive relative to other nets

Buyer's Guide

It’s easy to swing your club without a ball when practicing at home or even use foam or plastic balls, but neither of these options is ideal. If you're serious about practicing with actual golf balls at home, you'll need a proper golf net for all your shots. We’ve prepared this buying guide to help you learn more about golf nets and why you should buy one.

What Factors To Consider Before Buying a Golf Net?


If you have limited space in your home, the size of your golf net is crucial. Larger nets are more expensive, but we recommend against going with a smaller net if price is your only concern. Ultimately, everything comes down to your level of expertise and comfort with the net.

We recommend practicing with a larger net than you think you'll need. This provides you with wiggle room if you make a bad shot. Keep in mind that the damage done to a neighbor's property by one stray ball is immeasurable.

To determine your net’s size, you'll need to take measurements of your backyard’s dimensions and compare them to the net’s specifications. You’ll want to make sure that you have enough space to comfortably swing. It’s also a good idea to have enough space for a mat and enough depth for a launch monitor if you plan to use either one with your net.

Material and durability

Consider the frame that houses the net. What is the material it’s made of and how well does it withstand the elements?

Steel and iron frames are extremely durable and will help keep the net in place. If the frame isn't stainless steel and you plan to use it outside, it may rust or, in the case of aluminum, corrode. Fiberglass frames are less expensive but they tend to move around a lot in the wind and can topple over in some scenarios. Stakes or sandbags are frequently required to keep them in place.

Examine the netting as well. Is it UV-resistant? Does it look like the holes could tear? In the long term, higher-priced, higher-quality nets will endure wear and tear considerably better than cheaper nets. We recommend reading what other customers say about your chosen golf net to determine its quality and longevity. Keep in mind that while low-cost nets may function well at first, they are prone to fraying with extended use.

What Are the Different Types of Golf Nets?

Golf nets are available in various forms and sizes, and it’s important to know which one is right for you. They’re divided into hitting nets and chipping nets, with the latter being smaller and often less expensive.

Golf chipping nets

You can use chipping nets to practice your short game. These nets are smaller and, as a result, usually less expensive. If you don't have a lot of space or have a limited budget, investing in one of these nets may be the solution for you.

Golf hitting nets

These nets are ideal for a variety of training purposes. Before committing to a purchase, we recommend spending a few hours learning how to hit in one accurately. Unlike chipping nets, you may still work on your short game with these larger nets.

Golf Net FAQ

Q: Is investing in a golf net worth it?

A: Anyone looking for an economical and effective way to practice their game can invest in a golf net. What’s more, some golf nets can be used for other sports like soccer and lacrosse. Because of this, they’re a worthy investment.

Q: Is it alright to use golf nets in my backyard?

A: When setting up your net, always read the directions thoroughly to ensure everything is assembled safely. We recommend placing the net far from your home or vehicles and remembering to allow yourself adequate space to swing the club properly.

Q: How do I choose the right size golf net?

A: First, measure the space you have in your yard or your home. Since the net will stretch outwards when you play golf, remember to account for the extra space required, including the net’s width, height and depth.

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