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The Best Broiler Pan For Your Next Oven Roast

Although the use of broiler pans has declined with the advent of grill pans and other more advanced roasters, the broiler pan remains an affordable and easy option for oven broiled foods. Broiler pans have been used for decades for oven roasting. Some ovens even come with broiler pans. Because much of the juices and liquids from the roasting meat sits at the bottom of the pan, and can often cause sticking, the quality of your broiler pan is essential. The best broiler pans in 2021 listed here were chosen because they are easy to clean, sturdy, nonstick and under $50. The broiler pan may be a bit of a blast from the past, but these five fabulous picks will renew your faith in broiler cooking.

Best Broiler Pan Worth Considering in 2021

best large broiler pans

Williams-Sonoma Large Broiler Pan - Best Broiler Pan Overall

This high quality porcelain enameled broiler pan is my absolute favorite pan. The smooth and sleek design has a nonstick surface which is great for broiling meats, vegetables and many other foods. This large broiler pan by WILLIAMS-SONOMA is heavy duty and has a deep bottom pan that effectively collects all of the juices and fats from your broiling foods. This versatile pan can also be used separately as a baking dish for other foods such as casseroles. It is dishwasher safe and durable for long time use.

Norpro Nonstick Broiler Pan - Runner Up

Roast a perfect chicken on this amazing broiler. TheNorpro Nonstick Broiler Set 17X12 4676 is a great broiler pan that is sturdy and nonstick. It comes with a bottom pan and the top is perforated. This allows for fats and juices to drip down to the bottom of the pan, making your foods healthier, while preserving the moisture. I love the smooth, stainless steel design. It also has a nonstick finish which makes cleaning easy and allows foods to be removed with no problem. A truly great pan for all of your broiling needs.

Baker's Secret Grill Top Broiler Pan - Honorable Mention

This beautifully, steel constructed broiler pan is an example of low cost and great performance. Use this pan as a great broiler pan for chicken and beef, or use it as a grill pan for sandwiches or even fish. The nonstick top insert has holes in the top that will help drain unwanted fats from the foods you are cooking. When grilling, the heat will circulate underneath to create a crispy top and bottom. This versatile pan is dishwasher safe and comes with a limited 5 year warranty.

Stanco Non-Stick Broiler Pan - Consider

Long gone are the days when you needed to line your broiler pan with foil for hassle free clean up. The Stanco Non-Stick Broiler Set is a part of the new face of the modern broiler pan. It is a heavy duty broiler that can easily broil steaks, chicken, vegetables or anything else that requires a little sizzle. The indented a slotted top of the pan allows for fats to drip to the bottom and create the crisp, roasted texture you want for a broiled dish. The hassle free clean up makes is a bonus to its great performance.

best right broiler pan

Wilton Recipe Right Broiler Pan - Best Broiler Pan

The Wilton Brand has been a preferred brand by home baking enthusiasts for many years. This broiler pan keeps to the tradition of high quality with the budget baker in mind. The Wilton Recipe Right Broiler Pan Set is constructed of heavy gauge steel which allows for even heating and cooking. The bottom pan is sturdy and the nonstick coating ensures foods will release perfectly. It is also dishwasher safe. Whether you are a seasoned pro or a newbie to broiler cooking, this pan makes it enjoyable and easy.

Buyer's Guide

Slosh and glosh. It is now time to stir our way towards the buyer's guide of this article. Here, we'll be taking you through all there is to know about broiler pans and how exactly to go about buying one for yourself.

Do I Really Need a Broiler Pan?

A broiler pan can get you broiled food, duh. This food can keep your diet healthy and your heart all fit. If that alone isn't enough of a persuasion to buy one, here are two more reasons that make these bad boys a must have for your kitchen.

Time Saving

As Benjamin Franklin once said, "time is money". Well, if that's the case, a broiler pan is sure to make you big bucks with all the time that it will save you in the kitchen. Since broiler pans are great at retaining heat, you can expect to spend less time cooking and more time snacking on your favorite foods.

Better Cooking

The best broiler pans utilise their superior construction to rest on the oven more evenly. This enables them to spread the heat uniformly. What results is food that is more evenly cooked and tastes better.

Broiler Pans Buying Tips

Now, let us equip you with some killer buying tips. These two tips will help you make a more informed decision when in the market for a new broiler pan.

Easy to Clean

Do you want scratches on your new broiler pan? No, right? Well, so it is important that you do not scrub away at it with a scrubber. The word, scrubber, itself has an evil ring to it, no? What you would want is a broiler pan that can be hand washed easily with good ol' water and soap.


Favorable warranty plans are always a plus when it comes to buying anything. While the best broiler pans are sure to last you many years, having a parts warranty at least will help prevent anxiety in the rare chance of mishaps.

Things to Consider When Buying Broiler Pans

We recommend that you look at three factors when in the market for a new broiler pan.


When we say the word “design”, we do not mean the broiler pan's aesthetics… or do we? An aesthetic broiler pan won't hurt anyone, would it? However, probably of more importance are the ergonomics of the broiler pan. An ergonomically designed broiler pan will have more holes and deeper channels. This will not only help suspend the food for even cooking but also prevent the melted juices and fat from creating a mess.


The broiler pan's size plays a vital role and must be looked at when you're in the market for one. So, what size broiler pan should you buy? Well, first and foremost, you should ensure that it easily fits in your oven. Secondly, you should consider your family's size. More mouths to feed should equal a bigger broiler pan.

Moreover, it is important to mention that while bigger broiler pans will equal more food cooked in smaller batches, they will also be harder to clean and to carry around.


It is important to understand that you'll be placing your broiler pan in the oven which is like the hottest place in your house. So, you'll need something that can withstand those scalding temperatures. It is here that the composition of the pan and its drip tray comes into play.

Most mid range broiler pans are made of aluminum. The metal is lightweight and heats up easily. However, it's not that durable and may even warp at such high temperatures. It is for this reason that some aluminum broilers have coatings of carbon steel to them. This helps them resist high temps and also prevents warping.

Premium priced broiler pans are usually made of stainless steel. While the metal is obviously expensive and heavy, it's heat tolerance is out of this world so check on the longevity boxes.

Broiler Pans Price Range

Let's talk about the dollar signs now. Come to think of it, a simple disposable aluminum broiler pan can be snagged from any store for less than $10. That, however, is not what we're working with here since it is usually unable to handle high temperatures. A good broiler pan can set you back anywhere from $20 to upwards of $40.

The premium priced models come with porcelain or enamel finishes and are durable enough to last you many years. Larger sized models are obviously priced higher. It is also worth noting that brand names play a huge role when pricing broiler pans. We won't be surprised if one soon comes with a Supreme tag attached to it!

Best Broiler Pan FAQ

We would now like to take you through our succinct FAQ section. Time to clarify all doubts!

Q: What is the best broiler pan?
A: All broiler pans shortlisted by our team boast amazing price to performance ratios and may be bought without batting an eye. However, if we were to choose one as our top pick, we would definitely go for the WILLIAMS-SONOMA Large Broiler Pan. Durable and versatile, the broiler pan boasts a design that is smooth and sleek with a nonstick surface and is great for preparing all kinds of foods.

Q: Why use a broiler pan?
A: The crispy and aromatic food cooked in a broiling pan is unparalleled, to say the least. The dished cooked in it requires less time and is also healthier. Moreover, due to its design, a broiler pan also cooks your food more evenly.

Q: Is broiling the same as grilling?
A: Come to think of it, broiling and grilling are quite similar. A small difference, however, is in the location of the heat source. With grilling, the heat source is almost always below and with broiling, the heat comes from above… and sometimes below and sides too. It all depends on your oven's make.

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