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Store Your Bundle of Unorganized Cards in the Best Card Boxes

  1. Snap-N-Store Durable Card Box
  2. Vaultz Locking Index Card Box
  3. Emraw Index Card Box
  4. Esselte Oxford Plastic Card Box
  5. Advantus Stackable Card Box
  6. Buyer's Guide

Card boxes may seem like an insignificant investment until you end up buying one. In an office, imagine uncountable index cards with important records just lying around. Or spending hours rummaging through your kitchen drawer for recipes written on cards. Or expensive, rare sports cards just lying about in your room. Imagine the horror when your favorite trading cards start to wilt at the corners. The solution to all these problems? A card box! Card boxes come in different sizes and styles so that you can practically organize your cards and shield them from moisture and dust. You can also label them to easily access whichever card you want. Intrigued already? Go ahead and skim through our thorough guide on the best card boxes in 2022!

Best Card Boxes Worth Considering in 2022

Snap-N-Store Durable Card Box - Best Overall

The Snap-N-Store index card file box is as tough as they come. Made from a heavy-duty fiberboard, it has steel corners for added support and strength. This card box is also laminated to make it completely water-resistant to shield your cards from moisture. The assembly is also pretty straightforward. Because this card box is collapsible, it is shipped flat but snaps into a box easily for use. A chrome label holder is situated on the front of the card box. It also comes with blank labels so you don't have to buy them separately. However, this product has its drawbacks. Some customers have complained that the fit is not accurate and the card box for 3" x 5" cards is too tight for cards of this size.

  • Made from fiberboard
  • Steel corners for durability
  • Available for cards of 3 different sizes
  • Expensive compared to other card boxes
  • Complaints regarding irregular sizing

Vaultz Locking Index Card Box - Runner Up

A safe for a card box? The vaultz locking index card file’s added security convinced us to put it on our list. You can store valuable personal items from pictures to expensive sports cards. Reinforced with aluminum, this card box has steel corners and sturdy construction to offer the ultimate in durability. It is made from medium-density fiberboard and weighs moderately heavy (11.2 ounces for 3" x 5" cards). This card box is available in multiple colors and offers a variety of different sizes.

  • Comes with a lock and key
  • Made from fiberboard
  • Reinforced with aluminum and has steel corners
  • The lock may be picked easily

Emraw Index Card Box - Honorable Mention

If you are looking for a wallet-friendly card box, go for the Emraw index card case because it offers affordability and delivers on functionality as well. Made from hard plastic, these card boxes are only available in packs of 4, 12, or a whopping 96. The card boxes are suitable for cards of size 3" x 5" and can fit up to 250 cards. This card box is lightweight and portable, with a simple lid that latches on with a snap. Available in six exciting colors to choose from, it saves you from the trouble of labeling every box. However, because these card boxes are on the cheaper end of the spectrum, there have been some complaints regarding the quality and construction of the card box.

  • Affordable when compared to other card boxes
  • Can fit up to 250 cards
  • Available in 6 different colors
  • Complaints regarding quality of the plastic used and irregular construction

Esselte Oxford Plastic Card Box - Contender

The Oxford index card box is a black, plastic card box with a matte finish on the exterior. This card box can store up to 500 cards of the size 5" x 8". There are two added features in this card box for convenience purposes. The first one is the stepped floor design which makes it easy to access the cards stored in the box. The second one is a groove or special compartment on the lid so that cards can be propped up for hands-free viewing for studying or quick note viewing. However, some customers have criticized the flimsy and low-quality plastic used and issues with the lid not closing properly.

  • Grove on the lid to prop up cards
  • Stepped floor offers easy access to the cards
  • Higher capacity of 500 cards
  • Complaints regarding damaged products being delivered and substandard quality

Advantus Stackable Card Box - Also Consider

If you want an inexpensive card holder for your recipes and small notes on index cards, the Advantus index card box will be a great purchase. Made from polypropylene, a water-resistant polymer, this card box can withstand a few splashes. The dimensions of the card box are ideal to fit 3" x 5" cards. This card box can store up to 300 index cards in a stackable manner. The cards also easily stay stacked up because of the ridges on the floor. The downsides of this box pointed out by some customers are the low-quality material used and the lid not closing snugly.

  • This card box is lightweight (0.05 pounds)
  • Ridges on the floor of the box
  • Thin, flimsy material of the card box
  • The box falls over if it is empty or partially-filled

Buyer's Guide

What are card boxes used for?

Card boxes are storage containers with the ideal construction to safely store cards of different kinds. From trading cards to sports cards people collect as a hobby, a card box helps in organizing these cards and protecting them from wear and tear.

What are the different materials used to make card boxes?


Plastic is the most common raw material used to manufacture card boxes because plastic card boxes are durable and lightweight at the same time. They help protect the cards inside because of the water resistant nature of plastic. Plastic card boxes can also easily be cleaned to get rid of any dust that may gather inside the box. Some polymers like polypropylene are also used to make plastic card boxes. Plastic, however, is non-biodegradable and therefore not environmentally friendly.


Eco-friendly with a tsutic, antique look, wooden card boxes are a great choice if you want to keep your card box out on display. These card boxes are very sturdy and easily customizable if the wood is untreated.

Felt or canvas

Felt and canvas have gained popularity over the years as a manufacturing material for storage boxes, but rarely for card boxes. However, there are cute felt card pouches available which store fewer cards but are smaller and more easily transportable.

What features of a card box are important to consider?

Storage Capacity

The storage capacity of a card box depends on the buyer’s needs. Mostly, card boxes have a storage capacity of 100 to 500 cards.


Measuring your cards before buying a card box will save you a lot of trouble. Moat card boxes are specific to card sizes so if you buy the wrong one, it might be useless for you. The most common card sizes catered to are 3" x 5", 4" x 6", and 5" x 8".

Lid type

The lid is a crucial part of the card box especially if the cards in the box are valuable. You also want a lid to seal the box perfectly so it stays closed if you want to carry the box around. Some lids are flip-style, attached to one end of the box. These lids are sometimes heavy and end up tilting the box over if the box is empty. Removable lids are more convenient.


Most card boxes are shipped disassembled. Some card boxes only need to snap open and some need to be assembled. Go for a card box that does not have a complicated assembly process which you'll be able to find out in the customer reviews section.


Price always comes into play when a variety of options are available to choose from. Compare prices of different card boxes and the features they offer. Also, your purchase should depend on the value of your cards. If your cards are valuable, it will be worth it to invest in a good-quality card box.

Additional features


Some card boxes have a stepped floor or ridges at the bottom. This is so that the cards stay upright and stacked for easy access.


Even though the card boxes that come with a lock do not have iron-clad locks, it is preferable to have a secure card box if your cards are expensive or valuable.

Hands-free viewing

Some card boxes come with an added perk of a special compartment on their lids which helps the user prop up the cards for viewing.

Card Box FAQ

Q: What is the best type of card box?

A: Card boxes made from durable material and a good working lid generally work well. The type of card box best suitable to your needs is always the best card box. If you have sports or trading cards, you'll want one with a viewing window. If you have recipes you want to store, a non-locking, unsecure box will do just fine.

Q: Can I get a card box for my tarot cards?

A: Of course! Just measure them first to make sure you buy the right size card box.

Q: What should I do if I do not need my card box anymore?

A: You can simply use it as a storage box for personal items like jewelry or art supplies. It'll also make a great gift to someone who is a sports or trading card fan. They also make great donations to local schools.

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