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Write Down All Your Thoughts in Best Journal Notebooks Available

  1. Scribbles That Matter Bullet Dotted Journal Notebook
  2. Moleskine Classic Journal Notebook
  3. Articka Square Hardbound Sketch Journal
  4. Papercode Journal Notebook
  5. LeStallion Nice Leather Journal
  6. PAPERCODE 2 Pack Executive Lined Journal Notebook
  7. Lemome Elegant Black Leather Journal Notebook
  8. Amazon Basics Classic 240 Pages Hardcover Journal Notebook
  9. Buyer's Guide

Journals can significantly help you gain control over your emotions and enhance your mental health. Usually, journaling requires two things - a notebook and a pen. Even in the digital age, writing on a simple piece of paper can be quite a refreshing change of pace. But as soon as you open the internet and search for a journal, you will be able to see that there are absolutely hundreds of them to choose from. We wanted to assist you with the purchasing decision, so that's why we will be going through some of the best journal notebooks in 2022 available. So stay put and stick with us until the end!

What is/are the best journal notebook of 2022?

Scribbles That Matter Bullet Dotted Journal Notebook - Best Overall

Organize your life and be a lot more productive with the help of the Scribbles That Matter Journal Notebook. The paper on this notebook is so thick that it's capable of holding most ink so that your writings don't bleed through to the other side. In order to be entirely sure that you don't ruin any of your hard work, this notebook has a specific "pen test" page where you can try your pen to make sure it'll work. The Scribbles That Matter Journal Notebook includes 2 color-coded bookmarks so that you can keep everything organized and quickly turn over between monthly and daily spreads. Furthermore, the cover is manufactured out of a vegan leather cover, which adds a premium appearance and smooth feel to the notebook.

  • It lays perfectly flat on the table, which allows a smoother writing experience
  • The cover is made of vegan-friendly faux leather
  • The lines on this journal notebook are pretty light

Moleskine Classic Journal Notebook - Runner Up

Keeping track of your thoughts, assignments, and goals has never been easier. The Moleskine Classic Hard Cover Notebook highlights thick ivory paper pages suitable with most ballpoint pens, fountain pens, or even pencils. The cover of the notebook comes in various colors, including slate grey, pearly rose gold, red, hydrangea blue, cadmium orange, forest green, black, dandelion yellow, brilliant violet, myrtle green, and many more. Furthermore, thanks to the elastic closure, you will be capable of keeping your notebook's writings secured and private.

  • The quality of the paper is pretty good
  • It’s available in multiple color combinations
  • This journal notebook doesn't have a pen loop

Articka Square Hardbound Sketch Journal - Best Quality

Whatever your level of artistic ability, Articka's hardback sketchbooks are the perfect place to keep all of your ideas and inspiration. With a 180GSM/122 Lbs thickness, the paper in this hardbound sketchbook is of the highest quality. The notebook has 120 pages of brilliant white paper, which makes it simple to erase and avoids smudge. With this premium art book, you'll be able to use any dry media, from colored pencils and graphite to pastels, charcoal, silverpoint, and pens! 4.5 x 4.5 inches in size, this art notebook is a perfect square, with a black hardcover and a stunning purple inner cover that is guaranteed to wow.

  • Paper feels smooth and sleek
  • Compatible with fine-liners and fountain pens
  • The journal contains perforated pages

Papercode Journal Notebook - Luxury Journals

The Papercode journal notebook makes it easy to articulate your thoughts, daily events, and goals in writing. It has 130 pages, each of which is 120 gsm thick and properly ruled to promote legible and effortless writing. Furthermore, the pages in this journal are well-perforated, making it easy to tear them out for other purposes.

  • Drawing and writings won't bleed through the paper
  • Great for travel and Easy to use
  • Stylish cover design and It is lightweight
  • It'll take some airing to eliminate the plastic aroma

This journal is 8.25 x 5.65 inches in size and weighs only 1.1 pounds, making it ideal for use on the go. The best part is that this package includes two of these high-quality journal notebooks.

LeStallion Nice Leather Journal - Most Durable

This dual tone faux leather soft cover with brown paper trimming creates an elegant, fashionable style that others will enviously covet. Extra leather thickness, tight string binding, and enhanced glue-ing ensure the finest quality, long-lasting luxury notebook. You will feel safe carrying it in your backpack, proud to show it in public, and excited to use it as a daily notebook for men and women. It boasts extra thick paper to withstand even the most abrasive fountain pens and markers, ensuring no unpleasant bleed through or ghosting! It is made of a non-wooden substance that's good for the environment.

  • Encased in a beautiful slipcase
  • Not only attractive, but also class
  • Comes with rear storage pocket
  • Not a luxury leather

PAPERCODE 2 Pack Executive Lined Journal Notebook - Honorable Mention

Take notes, write to-do listings, and capture thoughts on the PAPERCODE 2-Pack Luxury Lined Notebooks. Each notebook measures 8.25-inches x 5.65-inches and weighs around 0.58 pounds, which means that you will be able to quickly toss them in your backpack or messenger bag and carry them wherever you go. It consists of 130 pages that highlight grey dots spaced 5mm apart from each other. The expandable back pocket of the PAPERCODE 2-Pack Luxury Lined Notebooks is a perfect place to store all your loose pages or important tickets.

  • Comes in a two-pack
  • You can collect your essential pieces of paper in the expandable back pocket
  • The elastic bands are quite weak and can easily get loose

Lemome Elegant Black Leather Journal Notebook - Contender

The Lemome Premium Thick Journal Notebook is great for all kinds of occasions - traveling, sketchbook, schedule book, learning notes, and many more. It includes 192 high-quality pages that are remarkably soft to write and are highly durable. With the premium leather cover and sleek design, this journal notebook will surely provide you with a luxurious feel so you won't wait even a minute before you start writing on the paper. Also, thanks to the colorful bookmarks, you can easily arrange and separate your chapters. Whenever you're done, just close the notebook with the elastic strap and put your pen in the convenient pen loop - easy as that. The Lemome Premium Thick Journal Notebook is unquestionably a perfect gift for yourself or loved ones.

  • This journal notebook comes with a pen loop
  • It is a perfect gift for your closest friends or family members
  • The Lemome Premium Thick Journal Notebook doesn't handle fountain pens

Amazon Basics Classic 240 Pages Hardcover Journal Notebook - Also Consider

Whether you consider yourself a professional journal writer or a total beginner, the Amazon Basics Hardcover Journal Notebook is the perfect option for you. Even though it comes at an incredibly low price tag, the quality of this notebook will exceed every bit of your expectations. The whole notebook measures 5-inches in width x 8.25-inches in length and features 240 pages. In addition, you can select from 3 different paper styles, including plain, ruled, or squared. The Amazon Basics Hardcover Journal Notebook highlights a black cardboard cover with rounded corners.

  • This journal notebook comes at a pretty affordable price tag
  • It features over 240 usable pages to write on
  • Some of the consumers have complained that the barcode sticker is hard to remove

Buyer's Guide

With numerous options on the market - from hard and soft covers to plain or ruled paper styles - picking the right notebook for your journaling adventures can seem like a pretty daunting task. Therefore, to help you with the purchasing decision, we've made this valuable buyer’s guide. Be sure that you read until the bottom, so you don't miss out on anything.

What Should You Consider When Buying Journal Notebooks?

Number of Pages

The very first thing that you will need to keep an eye on when buying your new journal notebook is the number of pages. This will heavily depend on your personal requirements and the number of words you plan to write. Generally, most books will have around 130 pages, while some bigger notebooks can even consist of 240 pages or more.


The next factor that you will need to consider, especially if you plan on taking it everywhere with you, is the size of the journal notebook. Be sure to check the measurements of the notebook, and see whether it will fit in your backpack or purse. You'll find the dimensions of the journal in the description or specifications.

Additional Features

When it comes to journal notebooks, there are a lot of additional features that can help you throughout the entire writing process. It may sound strange, but the most common features are pen test pages, expandable back pockets, colorful bookmarks, elastic closures, pen loops, numbered pages, and much more.

What Is The Price Range Of Journal Notebooks?

The price range of journal notebooks can vary based on several crucial factors, including the number of pages, paper quality, additional features, and brand. Nevertheless, if you're interested in buying a journal notebook, you should anticipate paying anywhere between $5 up to $45 for some of the most luxurious ones.

How Did We Pick The Best Journal Notebooks?

After countless hours spent reviewing different kinds of journal notebooks all over the internet, we managed to pick out the best ones available. Here are the main factors we considered throughout the entire process:

- Ratings (30%)
- Value (20%)
- Paper Quality (25%)
- Manufacturer (25%)


As shown, there are literally hundreds of journal notebooks available. With our buying guide and top selections, we're more than positive that you can find the proper one for your needs. Happy Writing!

Journal Notebook FAQ

Q: Is it good to write down your goals in a notebook?

A: Yes. Writing down your goals in a notebook, as well as the steps you should follow to achieve them, can be far more important than most people think. It can encourage you to stay focused and boost your confidence because each goal is written out clearly and will be a constant reminder.

Q: What are the benefits of journaling?

A: Writing in a journal will offer you plenty of benefits. It can assist in keeping your thoughts organized, relaxing your brain, improving your overall writing quality, boosting your memory, and inspiring your creativity.

Q: What are the various journal notebook styles?

A: There are several journal notebook styles that you can see in the market, including gridded paper (fitting for users that love to design or draw), lined paper (suitable for writing purposes), and dotted paper (mainly intended for bullet journaling).

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