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Best Electric Shaver for Fuss-Free Shaving

  1. Braun Series 7 790cc-4 Pulsonic Electric Shaver
  2. Panasonic Shaver and Trimmer for Men ES8103S Arc3 Electric Shaver
  3. Philips Norelco YS524/41 Click & Style Electric Shaver
  4. Panasonic Pro-Curve Wet/Dry Rechargeable Electric Shaver
  5. Panasonic ES2207P Close Curves Wet/Dry Ladies Shaver
  6. Buyer's Guide

A good electric shaver can help quickly take much of the fuss and muss out of the daily ritual of shaving. With the right electric shaver, you won't have to worry about shave creams or gels, and you won't have to worry as much about painful and annoying nicks or cuts from blades that are going dull. The trick to making this the best possible upgrade lies in finding the right shaver for you. You've got to factor in skin type, comfort, ease of use, and more to ensure that you end up with a better experience than you are leaving behind by moving to an electric shaver. Based on factors like price, quality, versatility, and effectiveness, we've put together this list of the best electric shavers in 2022 on the market today.

What are the best electric shavers of 2022?

Braun Series 7 790cc-4 Pulsonic Electric Shaver - Best Electric Shaver Overall

Braun is a very popular name in the electric razor world today, and their Series 7 razors are a big reason why. The 790cc is the top-of-the-line model, and it is one of the most expensive available - but it's well worth the price. The company’s patented sonic vibrations feature brings out more hair, giving you a clean, close shave. The vibrations also feel a bit like a facial massage, adding to the comfort. The head is fully flexible, and the floating foils can even capture flat-lying hair in hard-to-reach places like the neck and chin. This top-quality razor gently and effortlessly lifts and cuts even the heaviest and coarsest whiskers to ensure a clean shave with a minimal chance for ingrown hairs. It has three different settings, including extra sensitive, normal, and intensive, so you can adjust it as your face becomes more accustomed to the electric blade. The Braun 790cc electric razor also comes with a special cleaning system which clears out the razor after every use. It has a receptacle called the "Clean and Renew System" that recharges the razor and cleans the blades between uses. This feature helps blades stay sharper for as long as possible, which will keep your shaving ritual as comfortable and pain-free as possible every single morning.

Panasonic Shaver and Trimmer for Men ES8103S Arc3 Electric Shaver - Runner Up

This razor is a very affordable choice for those who desire a wet/dry electric razor, as it's especially well-suited for those who like to use shaving cream or gel. It has the Panasonic nanotech blades that are their sharpest, giving you a great shave wet or dry. It has a pop-up trimmer and a flexible pivoting head, delivering a clean close shave. The LCD battery life indicator lets you know how much of a charge you have left. The replacement parts are somewhat expensive compared to other razors on this list, but this razor is still is a great value when you add in the wet/dry capability.

Philips Norelco YS524/41 Click & Style Electric Shaver - Honorable Mention

There are a number of challenges that you face when trying to get a clean, close shave on your head. This area of the body poses completely different challenges than shaving your face. For starters, there is a good portion of your head that you can't see unless you've got access to multiple mirrors (and the extra hands to hold onto them). Your head also has different contours than your face and hard to reach places, like behind the ears. Your favorite shaver - blade or electric - may not work very well for getting that clean cut look on your head.

The Philips Norelco Click and Style is a unique grooming tool that seems to be built specifically to keep your cranium clean. This electric shaver features multiple attachments that can take you all the way from a “traditional” haircut down to completely bald in no time. You can use the trimmer attachment to get your hair down to a more manageable length, then switch to either the bare razor or body groomer to take your head down to clean. This electric razor is also very compact and comfortable to use. This makes it a very smart choice for guys who like to keep their clean cut look (both head and face) at home or on the road.

Panasonic Pro-Curve Wet/Dry Rechargeable Electric Shaver - Consider

A high quality electric razor can be a dream come true for those who have issues with shaving due to sensitive skin. Unfortunately, many of the electric razors out there can lead to the same irritation, bumps, and burn that wet razors produce. Switching from a disposable or wet razor to an electric for comfort is a decision that can't be taken too lightly for those who are looking for a more gentle shaving experience. The key to getting the right razor for your situation is finding an electric razor that can conform well to your face, that gets close with only one pass, and that is easy to maintain and keep free of debris.

To that end, the Panasonic ES103S is one of the best foil electric razors on the market. It has a wet/dry feature that allows sensitive skin to be protected by shaving cream. The nanotech blades are very sharp and cut hair with little or no pull, and it has a special foil head that can pivot to conform to all the contours of your face to avoid irritating skin. This razor has a very fast motor with a linear drive that can give you a clean, smooth shave superior to rotary-driven blades. In addition to giving your face added protection, the patented foil head has a set of water shutters to facilitate easy cleaning, which is important for your sensitive skin.

Panasonic ES2207P Close Curves Wet/Dry Ladies Shaver - Best Electric Shaver For Women

For many women, making the switch from disposables to an electric razor can be a bit intimidating. A good electric razor will cost quite a bit more than a pack of your favorite disposable razors, and what if you don't end up liking the results? Electric razors have gotten a bad rap in the past for not delivering a close enough shave or leading to irritation or razor bumps. There have been many advancements in electric razors over the past several years, though. Some work wet or dry, many have the ability to function as trimmers for all-purpose grooming, and some can now deliver a shave that will rival that of the best disposable blade.

The Panasonic Close Curves Electric Razor works very well in both wet and dry conditions. This makes it a perfect option for ladies who are just making the switch and are used to getting their shaving done in the shower. The three head design ensures maximum coverage to cut down on shaving time, and the floating heads ensure maximum contact on curves and contours. This handy razor is built to deliver a complete shaving experience, working well on legs and on the bikini area. The Close Curves holds a charge very well, is very convenient, and delivers a close, comfortable shave with no irritation.

Buyer's Guide

Whether you want to buy your first electric shaver or you just want to upgrade from your older one, there are plenty of models available in the market. But, not all electric shavers can satisfy your personal requirements. Before making the purchase it's vital you know your requirements. We made this buying guide in order to assist you in narrowing down your choices and making the right decisions. Wet or dry? Rotary or foil? Mains powered or rechargeable? Keep reading on and find out what is the most suitable option!

What To Consider Before Getting An Electric Shaver?

Rotary vs. Foil

The rotary model normally has three or four circular heads that twist and then cut stubble. On the other side, foil electric shavers have straight heads that utilize oscillating blades behind a fine perforated foil to cut out your hair.

If you have a smaller beard and want a close shave every day, then we suggest that you stick with the foil shaver, but if you have slightly longer facial hair and don't shave every day, then go for rotary shavers.

Wet vs. Dry

Another crucial factor that you need to consider before buying an electric shaver is to decide whether you prefer wet or dry shaving. Dry shaving is really fast and super clean, so that is the reason why many guys prefer the quickness and convenience of the dry electric shaver.

But for those who want to use their electric shavers in the showers, you will need to search for a waterproof shaver. For all of you that have really sensitive skin, then you should definitely get a Wet/Dry electric shaver that will work with both shaving lotions and gels.

Power options

You have 2 options that you can choose from and those are cordless and corded models. Cordless razors are the most common type when it comes to electric shavers - they are incredibly convenient to use and provide freedom. Corded models only work when plugged into a PowerPoint, and since they need to be plugged in, these electric shavers are less flexible and can't be used on the go.

If you are someone that barely leaves your house, then you should stick with a corded electric shaver. But if you enjoy traveling and want to maintain your beard or mustache on the go, then stick with a cordless electric shaver.

What Is The Electric Shavers Price Range?

The price range on the electric shavers varies enormously, but most of the electric shavers will set you back anywhere between $50 for a basic model and all up to $500 for a premium one. It is worth spending a little bit more to get a high-quality electric shaver because it will last many years without any problems.

Also, be sure to renew the head of the electric shave every 6 months, and that will cost you around $30. And once the rechargeable battery starts acting funny, then we suggest that you buy a new electric shaver because it's easier and less expensive.

How Did We Choose The Best Electric Savers?

We have gone through various electric shavers and did a series of testing in order to choose the best ones on the market. Always attempt to buy within your budget when you're seeking the best shaver so that you can feel great about your investment.

What Are Some Vital Features Of The Electric Shavers?

Automatic Shut-off

Some of the electric shavers require you to pull the plug as soon as they are fully charged. An electric shaver that will turn off automatically when the battery is charged can be really helpful and can extend the battery life.

Charge display

Premium cordless shavers feature an LCD display that tells you how much shaving time you have until you need to grab a charger. Other electric shavers feature a red light to tell you whenever the electric shaver needs to be recharged.


Some of the best shavers come with the ability to let you have an entire shave with just 4 minutes of filling. Some of the electric shavers will allow you to shave and charge at the same time.


If you wish to style your beard, mustache, or sideburns, this feature is crucial. Some of the electrical shaves come with a trimmer that can be attached to the shaver.

Ease of Cleaning

Most electric shavers include a small cleaning brush for easier cleaning. Some of the top-notch electric shavers even possess a self-cleaning operation that pumps up sanitizing fluid into the shaver cutters.


Each electric shaver is different, but the same rules always apply. With the help of our extensive buying guide on electric shavers, you'll be able to make a great decision and pick out a shaver that will be fitting for your personal use and last for a very long time. Happy Shopping!


Q: Do Electric Shavers Get Dull?
A: Yes. The cutting blades on the electric shaver will get dull over time, and they will need replacing so that you can enjoy a proper shave without the hair-pulling. We would suggest that you also replace your shaver heads at least twice a year, depending on how much you shave.

Q: How Long Does An Electric Shaver Last?
A: Most of the high-end electric shavers would last for about 6-10 years, while the lower-end shavers may only last for 2-3 years, but this will depend on how frequently you are using the electric shaver.

Q: Should I apply Shaving Cream With an Electric Shaver?
A: If you have pretty sensitive skin, then you should consider using shaving cream to reduce skin irritation. But be sure to check if your electric razor is wet/dry and will be able to withstand the shaving cream.

Q: Do electric shavers work on legs?
A: The electric shaver is meant to cut short and coarse hair - and as a result of this, they aren't ideal for shaving body hair. The body trimmer is ideal if you want to shave legs, armpits, and pubic hair.

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