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Best Sleep Masks

Whether you work night shifts or live in a well-lit area, it can be challenging to fall asleep at night if you’re not in a dark setting. Fortunately, eye masks offer relief and allow you to get into a deep slumber without closing the blinds or putting a towel over your eyes. Sleep masks are also ideal for traveling and getting used to a new time zone. If you want to find the best sleep masks in 2021 for your needs, there are a few top options to consider because of their quality construction and excellent fit on the face.

Best Sleep Masks

Jersey Slumber Silk Sleep Mask

This sleep mask shields the eyes from the light and delivers a minimal amount of compression to your eyelashes, face, and eyelids. It has an adjustable soft elastic strap for a custom fit.

  • Survives washing and feels sturdy
  • Stays in place throughout the night without sliding around
  • Doesn’t have any gaps to allow light in through the sides
  • Fabric can bleed black dye each time it gets wet
  • Strap doesn’t have a lot of elasticity and can feel stiff

MZOO Sleep Eye Mask

This sleep mask fits all head circumference sizes and has a fully adjustable buckle strap. It effectively blocks lights and freely allows your eyes to blink. It doesn’t apply any pressure on the eyes.

  • Gets pitch dark
  • Comes in quality packaging
  • Doesn’t leave any sleep lines on the face after several hours of use
  • Nose design causes it to slide
  • Elastic on the band can wear out quickly

Alaska Bear Natural Silk Sleep Mask

This sleep mask has 100% mulberry silk on both sides and is breathable and cool on the skin. It’s gentle with an easy-to-adjust band and won’t snag on the pillow or tangle in your hair.

  • Blocks 100% of light
  • Holds up well in the washing machine
  • Doesn’t bleed in the wash or have any color problems
  • Applies some minor pressure on the eyelids
  • Plastic clips on the band don’t feel durable and can break off

Mavogel Cotton Sleep Eye Mask

This sleep mask comes with a travel pouch and works well for travel, shift work, and sleeping. It has a pull-on design and is breathable while blocking all light.

  • Doesn’t slip around or move throughout the night
  • Nose piece is adjustable and comfortable
  • Side wings evenly distribute pressure across the mask
  • Sizes run bigger than expected
  • Eye socket area is slightly too thick and bulky

Lky Digital Sleep Mask

This sleep mask is comfortable for men and women and comes with three colors in the set. It has a 3D design and doesn’t apply any pressure on the eyes.

  • Has a large eye space
  • Custom fit with the adjustable strap
  • Features a solid edge on the mask
  • May not fit as well if you have a narrow nose
  • Material isn’t as soft as other brands
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