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Unclog Your Drains With the Best Toilet Plungers

  1. MR.SIGA Bowl Brush for Bathroom Cleaning Toilet Plunger
  2. Mr Clean Bowl Brush Caddy Set Toilet Plunger
  3. Neiko Aluminum Handle Toilet Plunger
  4. Supply Guru Long Wooden Handle Toilet Plunger
  5. Buyer's Guide

Toilet plungers are something we never think about, until one day our shower drain is clogged or our toilet simply refuses to flush, right? Therefore, it is best to always have these inexpensive and useful tools at your house! So, are you planning to buy the best toilet plungers in 2022? But how are you going to find the right and truly the best one?

You might think that all toilet plungers are the same, but trust me; they are not. There are a lot of differences between their manufacturing quality and uses. To give you a helping hand, we have reviewed some top-rated and best toilet plungers below, along with a detailed buying guide and answers to some commonly asked questions. Read On!

Compare The Best Toilet Plungers Of 2022

MR.SIGA Bowl Brush for Bathroom Cleaning Toilet Plunger - Best Overall

Starting our list with this all-black combo of a toilet plunger and a bowl brush by Mr. Siga. This set of 2 will not only solve your toilet-related problems but will keep themselves tucked away out of sight as well. The plunger is made of high-quality rubber and is also equipped with an ergonomic handle for your convenience. No matter how tough and stubborn the clogs are, this plunger will fight them all! The black bowl brush in this combo contains commercial-grade nylon bristles that will stay in a top-notch condition even after hours of scrubbing. The high-quality holder is both space-saving and features a modern design, making this combo even more attractive. In short, if you are looking for some best toilet plungers, this 2-in-1 pack should be one of your top considerations.

Mr Clean Bowl Brush Caddy Set Toilet Plunger - Runner Up

This combo by Mr. Clean is surely one of the best toilet plungers available in the market right now. It includes a Turbo Plunger, along with a bowl brush to fulfill all your toilet maintenance needs. First of all, we were impressed by the quality and functionality of the plunger. Its handle provides a perfect grip and the suction of the plunger itself is remarkable; it gets the job done immediately without requiring multiple attempts. The plunger comes with a high-quality bowl brush and a storage unit as well. The entire pack has a space-saving design and you can conveniently store it anywhere you want, and it will remain unnoticeable. Also, its blue and white color combination is like a cherry on top!

Neiko Aluminum Handle Toilet Plunger - Honorable Mention

Are you looking for some best toilet plungers that provide heavy-duty suction and are aesthetically pleasing as well? If yes, then this Neiko Toilet Plunger fits the bill perfectly. It has a unique all-angle design that provides an excellent grip and prevents the plunger from slipping. Also, this toilet plunger by Neiko features an ergonomic aluminum handle for you to conveniently perform your tasks. The thing we love about this plunger is its four-level flanged suction cup - each level of the cup has different dimensions to provide a tight grip and open all the drains effectively. This toilet plunger is super affordable and durable as well.

Supply Guru Long Wooden Handle Toilet Plunger - Also Consider

Ending our list of recommendations is an old-school, traditional, and wooden toilet plunger by Supply Guru. This product may look pretty basic and ordinary, but its effectiveness and functionality are remarkable. It features a high-quality rubber suction cup, along with an 18-inch long wooden handle that provides an excellent grip. The build of this plunger is sturdy and durable, and the product has a surprisingly affordable price tag. Also, it can clear almost all types of clogs - you name it and this plunger by Supply Guru will do it. All in all, if you are looking for some best toilet plungers while on a tight budget, this wooden toilet plunger should be one of your top considerations.

Buyer's Guide

Now that you have gone through our top 5 recommendations, it is time to know how to identify which toilet plunger will truly be the best for you. You need to consider a lot of factors, features, and personal preferences before finally making the purchase. Now, without making you wait any further, let’s dive into those essential considerations:


The first thing you need to consider while looking for the best toilet plungers is the material. Always make sure to look for models made of thick and hard material like rubber; they'll provide superior compression and suction.


All toilet plungers come with handles, but the materials vary. There are usually 3 types of materials for handles: wood, plastic, and steel. The wooden and plastic ones are comfortable to use; however, the steel ones are the most durable and sturdy of them all. Still, no matter what material you choose, make sure that the handle is comfortable enough for convenient use. After all, no one ever plans to use a toilet plunger.


Always make sure to do thorough research and look for online customer reviews and ratings while looking for the best toilet plungers. This will help you purchase the best quality product and avoid future inconveniences and hassles. It goes without saying that you definitely don't want a subpar toilet plunger to fail on you when you need it most.

Grip & Seal

A toilet plunger is all about excellent compression and seal; therefore, always make sure that the cup of your plunger can create an excellent grip around the toilet's opening. Toilet plungers with great grip and seal will help you avoid messy situations like splattering and splashing.


Finally, we recommend you shouldn't spend more than $50 on a toilet plunger. All plungers work on the same principle, so you should focus on the ones that work effectively instead of wasting money on so-called "premium" brands. Don’t let the expensive price tags fool you; a plunger that costs as little as $5 will work as long as it's built properly. If you want something with additional features, you can expect to spend more. With that in mind, consider $50 a hard limit - you won't gain anything by spending more!


Blocked toilets and drains are a huge pain, and there's really no way to know when you'll need to deal with this kind of problem. To make these nightmares go away, you'll definitely need a decent toilet plunger. Just make sure to keep all of the above-mentioned considerations in mind, and choose the product from our list that your requirements.

Toilet Plunger FAQ

Q: Can a toilet unclog itself?

A: Yes, a toilet can unclog itself after some time passes if the "residue" is water-soluble. However, this process will take a lot of time, and we can guarantee you'll be uncomfortable in the meanwhile. A toilet plunger will expedite the process.

Q: Can you use toilet plungers for bathtubs?

A: Short answer: Yes. However, remember where your toilet plunger has been and consider what it's been in contact with. Toilets and bathtubs both utilize drains, but the "materials" are very different between the two. It's ultimatley your decision, but we'd recommend using separate plungers for your toilet and your bathtub.

Q: How do you clean toilet plungers?

A: It is essential to always clean your toilet plunger after every use. For this, you can simply rinse it with clean water, or you can disinfect it by mixing detergent or a standard disinfectant with water and rinsing it thoroughly.

Q: How often should you replace your toilet plunger?

A: Toilet plungers usually last a very long time, but only if you use them with care and clean them regularly. Try not to break them or keep them dirty, and these cost-effective products will stay with you forever!

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