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The Best Drink-Making Tumblers

  1. Zonegrace Skinny Tumbler (4-pack)
  2. LeafLife Premium Bamboo Tea Tumbler
  3. Maars Double Wall Insulated Tumbler (4-pack)
  4. Simple Modern Classic Insulated Tumbler
  5. Buyer's Guide

Morning coffee runs, weekend iced teas, and beverages of all kinds have a huge environmental impact. Research shows that over 4 billion plastic cups are used every year, but barely a quarter of those are recycled: the rest are sent to landfills.

If you like to enjoy your beverages several times a day, all the plastic consumption adds up. Not to mention this disposable drinkware can be cumbersome to use. The caps often don't fit tight enough so there's always the fear of spilling. Most don't even keep your drink hot or cold for very long!

So, we've done some research, and now present to you some of the top tumblers on the market! These are available in so many designs, denominations, and sizes that it can be challenging to pick one for the environmental enthusiast. We are here to make your choice easier.

Our Favorite Tumblers In 2022

Zonegrace Skinny Tumbler (4-pack) - Best Overall

This 20-ounce steel tumbler is insulated and comes with a secure lid. The bottom is made of silicone, strengthened by vacuum insulation technology, while the outside is powder-coated to ensure a solid grip as you hold the tumbler. This means that you can safely hold the drinkware without any fear of spilling, regardless of if the liquid is cold or hot. This is a skinny tumbler that is just as good on the inside as it is pretty outside. We are talking double-walled, vacuum-insulated goodness. The lid is also splash-resistant and offers added thermal resistance. All in all, this product is excellent as a gift for men and women. You can even use them to serve at parties, pools, and while camping.

  • Multiple color choices to choose from
  • Double walled stainless steel allows maximum thermal control
  • Comes with lids, straws, and straw brushes
  • Can chip easily

LeafLife Premium Bamboo Tea Tumbler - Most Unique

Looking for something unique to gift your loved ones? Try this cute-looking yet efficient tea tumblers. Made from 100% organic and natural bamboo from the outside, and stainless steel from the inside, the LeafLine Premium Bamboo Tea Tumblers are perfect to keep your drinks hot or cold, no matter where you are. It boosts vacuum insulation technology, which is what will keep your drinks hot or cold, no matter what the temperature may be.
The tumbler comes with a 2-piece detachable tea infuser and strainer so that you can have all kinds of teas and juices, without getting leaves or fruit rinds in your mouth!

  • Can hold 12 ounces
  • Keeps items hot for 12 hours and cold for 24
  • Made from non-toxic material that is lead-free certified
  • The lid mechanism may not work well

Maars Double Wall Insulated Tumbler (4-pack) - Runner Up

This affordable tumbler can be bought as a 4-pack, making it a great option if you get lazy about washing dishes. Each tumbler has a 16-ounce capacity, so you know you won't run out of drinks or serve too much. It's made of BPA-free acrylic plastic and the sturdy construction of this tumbler makes it heat and cold-resistant. This way, you can be sure that whether you use it for chilled lemonades or piping hot coffee, they'll be at the right temperature for a very long time. The plastic material is food-safe, and you can reuse over and over. It comes with a push-on lid that seals on tightly thanks to an inner ring that helps retain the temperature and makes this tumbler spill-proof.

  • One of the cheapest options on our list
  • BPA-free plastic is safe to use
  • Acrylic is not as durable as stainless steel

Simple Modern Classic Insulated Tumbler - Honorable Mention

The 24-ounce capacity makes it one of the bigger tumblers, so if you are a coffee fiend who's always on the go, this might be the perfect fit for you. It's double-walled and vacuum-insulated to keep your favorite drinks hot or cold, without letting the exterior 'sweat' or condensate on the outside. It's constructed of premium food-grade stainless steel. The double finish coating makes it great to look at, and you can pick from a range of designs and colors. But dare we say that Midnight Black is the finest of them all.

  • Comes in multiple colors and sizes
  • Includes two threaded lids
  • High quality double walled stainless steel is very durable
  • Only comes with one tumbler

Buyer's Guide

A hot cup of coffee is always a great start to the day. Similarly, nothing beats a tall glass of iced tea to end your day on a celebratory note. But no matter what you like to drink, a tumbler is a great way to retain the freshness and temperature of your drink.

Here's your buying guide to tumblers:

Why Buy a Tumbler?

They Are Environmentally Friendly

Paper and plastic cups from the local coffee shop are piled up in landfills. Tumblers and travel mugs can make it easy on the environment, and they are more ecologically friendly than disposable cups.


If you often leave your tea or coffee out for too long, you'll know that it has the chance to lose its flavor and temperature. But if you have a travel tumbler, you won't have to worry about this.


Odds are that your local coffee shop charges at least $5 to $10 for every cup of coffee they sell you. Why waste so much money on a consumable? Instead, make your beverages at home and carry them in a tumbler.

Types of Tumblers You Should Know About

When selecting your tumbler, you can choose from plastic and stainless steel tumblers. Both types are reusable and are very easy to wash. Additionally, these work well as alternatives to disposable plastic versions. Let's explore these in further detail:


These tumblers tend to be double insulated, and this means that there are two walls inside with either air, vacuum, or foam in between them. This way, you can rest assured that the drink's temperature remains consistent for a few hours and condensation doesn't make it outside.

Stainless Steel

These tumblers are vacuum insulated to create a close gap between the double walls inside them. These maintain the temperature the best and are completely dishwasher safe.

Other Factors to Look for When Buying a Tumbler

Before you can be sure about the tumbler you’re investing in, here are some more pointers that will help you make the right decision.

- Capacity: Generally, tumblers can hold eight to twenty ounces. However, the standard capacity is somewhere around twelve ounces.
- Insulation: Insulation is an important factor since it will keep the liquid inside the tumbler fresh. Tumblers that feature double walls are preferred because they will keep the drink from losing its original temperature quickly. Some designs feature an additional layer of copper that could enhance the overall insulation feature.
- Design: Creative and innovative designs are not only aesthetically appealing but also in trend. You may choose an attractive design and pick a tumbler that you like.
- Lid: If you will be using your tumbler outdoors, it is important to pick a style that comes with a lid. A tumbler that features an air-tight lid would be important and valuable as it prevents splashing and spilling. Moreover, it will also protect the drink from any insects, dust, or debris.

Other People Have Asked

Q: Are all tumblers BPA-free?

A: No. Some are made from inferior materials that aren't food grade. However, all the products mentioned above have been proven to be safe to use, and they are guaranteed BPA-free.

Q: What is a suitable capacity for a tumbler that I should buy?

A: This solely depends on you. If you often buy a Venti at Starbucks, then a 20 Ounce tumbler is what you need. However, if you are a serious coffee aficionado and buy the even bigger Trenta drinks, then you'll need at least the 30 once tumbler.

Also, factor in how far you travel and if you want to hold drinks for the duration of your drive without having to refill your tumbler.

Q: Are tumblers dishwasher safe?

A: Not every tumbler can survive a tumble in the dishwasher. Check the cup and it'll state if it is dishwasher safe. Regardless if it says it or not, we always recommend hand washing it so it'll last longer.

Q: How do I clean my tumbler?

A: To thoroughly clean a tumbler wash it with warm soapy water after every use. Avoid cleansers with chlorine, abrasives, and bleach. Since most tumblers are not dishwasher safe, you can always wash them by hand.

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