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The Dos and Don'ts of Wearing and Buying Lingerie

The Dos and Don'ts of Wearing and Buying Lingerie

Lingerie not only looks luxurious, but it has the power to give you a confidence boost and make you feel beautiful. Choosing the best lingerie for your shape, size, and unique curves can be intimidating. With options ranging from lacy, neutral, and simple, to completely extravagant, bold, and a little over-the-edge, there is a whole world of lingerie exploring to do.

Whether you wear your best bra daily or prefer to keep everything tight with tummy shapewear, there are a few do’s and don'ts every girl should know when it comes to lingerie. Here are our top lingerie tips to make sure you get the most out of your lacy underpinnings.

Do’s of Wearing and Buying Lingerie

Take the time for an expert fitting

Getting a proper measurement and fit can make a huge difference in purchasing the best bra for your body shape and proper support. Many women don’t realize they are actually wearing incorrect sizes for ultimate shaping and support. Don’t worry about the numbers. Lingerie is about finding styles and sizes that look great on you. Getting a proper fit from an expert will ensure that the band is snug against your back and that there is no gaping at the cup.

Opt for high-quality fabric

When choosing lingerie you don’t only want to consider the fit but also the fabric and construction. Look for good quality stitching and materials.

Get something for you

Get pieces that you love. Remember, lingerie is for you. With great fit and quality, choose a style that suits you and makes you feel comfortable and sexy. If you do not feel comfortable in it, don’t get it!

Don't be afraid to opt for something whimsical that catches your eye. Bright colors, lace, ribbons – if you like it, you will feel fantastic when you wear it.

Hand wash your lingerie

The best way to take care of your bras and favorite lingerie is to hand wash it. Simply fill a basin with warm water and add a little lingerie wash. Swirl your pieces around, rinse them and lightly squeeze out the water. Lay them out flat to dry.

Change your lingerie seasonally

Change it up for comfort and style during the seasons. Summer allows lighter, sheer items while you can be bolder with more trimmings and fuller body-suite type pieces in winter.

Invest in a matching set

Just like the clothing you wear on the outside, having a matching set of lingerie can give you that extra boost of confidence when you need it. It is fun to mix and match, but have at least one set that makes you feel fearless – you never know when you might need it.

Don'ts of Wearing and Buying Lingerie

Do not limit yourself to neutral tones only

Lingerie is fun and beautiful. Try out different colors and slightly bolder items than you are used to. You don’t need to go all-out on extravagance on your first purchase, but slowly work up your confidence in finding bold styles that you feel comfortable in.

Never tumble dry your lingerie

The high heat of the tumble dryer breaks down elastic fibers, irreversibly damaging them in a way that makes elastic lose stretch.

Do not buy tummy shapewear that is too small

Just because the tummy shapewear is smaller, does not mean it will provide more support. If it is too tight it will be uncomfortable and can reduce your circulation, causing pain and discomfort.

Don’t have a VPL (Visible Panty Line)

Pair the right lingerie with the appropriate pieces of clothing to avoid any unsightly bumps and lines. Buying the right size undergarments and clothing will also avoid this. When you are wearing a tighter pair of pants or snug dress, opt for a hipster or low-rise thong.

No matter what your style, getting something comfortable that makes you feel gorgeous is most important when choosing lingerie – because this purchase really is all about you!

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