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Set Your Inner Artist Free With the Best Drawing Gloves

  1. Articka Artist Smudge Guard Drawing Glove
  2. Huion Artist Free Size Drawing Glove
  3. Mixoo Artists Palm Rejection Drawing Glove
  4. XOPPOX 4 Pack Drawing Glove
  5. OTraki 4 Pack Artist Drawing Glove
  6. Buyer's Guide

Don't you hate it when your hand gets caught up on the surface when drawing? Well, this is caused by the friction between your hand and the drawing surface. It hinders your movements, reduces your accuracy, and increases the chances of making a mistake. When this happens, that masterpiece piece of art that you have been working hard on for days can end up getting ruined. All that precious progress, lost. Well, you need not worry about all of that anymore. Say hello to the best drawing gloves of 2022.

Drawing gloves are technically known as anti-fouling gloves. They are very similar to standard gloves, except they do not cover your drawing fingers, leaving them free to work. An anti-fouling glove acts as a barrier between your hand and the drawing surface. This reduces friction, smudging, and accidental inputs. It also helps increase accuracy while also protecting the drawing surface from the oils produced by your skin. So, allow us to introduce you to our top-picked drawing gloves and what you should look out for when buying them.

Detailing the Best Drawing Gloves of 2021

Articka Artist Smudge Guard Drawing Glove - Best Overall

Articka not only provides quality sketchbooks but also makes excellent drawing gloves. Their glove is a perfect option for any artist. It is super comfortable to wear since it is made using soft and stretchy Lycra fabric, which is very lightweight. The material is breathable so your hands can get fresh air and not become too hot. This drawing glove comes in three sizes: small, medium, and large, allowing you to get the perfect fit for your hands. Its low friction design is ideal for helping you glide your hand across the drawing surface with minimal effort. The glove also looks very sleek and comes in cute envelope packaging.

  • Made from breathable and lightweight Lycra fabric
  • Three different size options
  • Palm touch prevention
  • The seam on the pinky finger can be uncomfortable to some

Huion Artist Free Size Drawing Glove - Runner Up

Huion is a brand that specializes in digital art products such as light pads and drawing tablets. Naturally, their drawing glove is well optimized for digital and traditional artists. It is made using a blend of nylon and Lycra, making it comfortable and durable while still flexible enough. Speaking of comfort, its ergonomic design ensures that you will have no trouble working for long durations while wearing this glove. The universal dimensions of this drawing glove make it more suitable for medium to large hand sizes. It is also resistant to deformation, which means that it will not become loose over time.

  • The gloves are deformation-resistant
  • The gloves are ergonomically designed for maximum comfort
  • Seams are fine-stitched to increase durability
  • May be a little too big for smaller hands

Mixoo Artists Palm Rejection Drawing Glove - Honorable Mention

Mixoo has truly made a great product with this pack of drawing gloves. A unique thing is the extra padding on them that spans from the wrist to the pinky finger. This padding makes it harder for you to register a swipe or touch on your tablet screen accidentally. It also functions as a way to make the glove more comfortable to wear. Thanks to the solid seams and the addition of the sewed extra padding, these drawing gloves are pretty durable. You can get them in small (19.5 x 7 cm), medium (20.5 x 8 cm), and large (23 x 9 cm) sizes. These artist gloves are also well suited for use with traditional drawing mediums, such as oil paints and graphite.

  • Additional padding for palm rejection
  • Super comfortable
  • 3 size options
  • The palm rejection padding does not extend to the tip of the pinky finger

XOPPOX 4 Pack Drawing Glove - Contender

XOPPOX has brought us a pack of four artist gloves that can be used for both traditional and digital art. The gloves are universal in size, so they can be stretched to fit almost all hand sizes. They are also made using Lycra, making them comfortable to use even for long projects. These drawing gloves are easy to wash and are suitable for both left-handed and right-handed individuals. Their smooth design is perfect for preventing smudging and fingerprints on tablets or canvas, allowing you to create art without any hindrance. This four glove pack is excellent for personal use or as a gift to an artist friend.

  • Universal fit
  • The gloves are designed to reduce friction
  • Made with elastic Lycra of high quality
  • Palm rejection could be better
  • They may not fit large hands

OTraki 4 Pack Artist Drawing Glove - Also Consider

This drawing glove pack from OTraki is a great bargain. It includes four high-quality anti-fouling gloves made using Lycra fabric. These gloves may be pretty light, but they provide a sufficient barrier between the drawing medium and your hand. The OTraki Artist Gloves are also resistant to soiling, so you will not have to worry about washing them too often. Alongside this, these drawing gloves come in three sizes, small (17.9 x 6.9 cm), medium (19.9 x 7.4 cm), and large (21.4 x 8.9 cm).

  • Resistant to soiling
  • Three size options
  • The gloves are super lightweight
  • No palm rejection

Buyer's Guide

Don’t know how to find the perfect drawing gloves for your artistic needs? Well, we have researched for you and made this guide to help you buy great practical drawing gloves for yourself.

Benefits of Drawing Gloves

You may wonder why you need a drawing glove in the first place? Well, a drawing glove is not a necessity for an artist. Yet, it is a handy tool that helps improve their workflow. So, here are all the drawing-related goodness that artist gloves bring with them:

Eliminates Smudges

Have you ever seen those fingerprint marks and smudges on your tablet’s screen? Well, they are caused by the oils produced by the skin on your hands. These smears can get in the way of your drawing by obscuring the screen. Not to mention, make the screen so unappealing. Yuck!

The oils from your skin can also be soaked up by the piece of paper or canvas you have been drawing on, which can discolor it. A drawing glove solves this problem by simply putting a barrier between your skin and the drawing surface.

Liberates Hand Movement

Many artists face the problem of their hands sticking to the screen or paper they're working on. This hinders their movement and drawing flow. A drawing glove counters this by reducing the friction between your hand and whatever you're drawing on.

Keeps Your Hands Clean

If you work with graphite, you must know how annoying this material is to work with. It sticks to your hands, and it takes quite some effort to wash it off. You can say goodbye to this inconvenience by wearing drawing gloves since only the glove will get dirty, leaving your hands clean. Then you can simply wash the glove, and you are good to go.

What to Look For in a Drawing Glove

When shopping for drawing gloves, there are a few factors that you should take into account. These factors will help determine whether the product is suitable for you or not. Here are the things to look out for when buying drawing gloves:


Drawing gloves should be easy to wash. Otherwise, you risk transferring unwanted materials from one of your drawing projects to another. If your gloves have graphite on them, they can cause scratches on a tablet screen upon contact. So, always make sure to clean the glove before using it for another project, and easy washability goes a long way in making the process super smooth.

Air Flow

It is generally not good for your skin to be enclosed in non-breathable material. So, you must always go for a drawing glove that permits good airflow for maximum comfort. This way, your hands will not sweat, allowing you to draw for as long as you want.

How Do We Choose the Best Drawing Gloves?

So how did we choose the best gloves for drawing when compiling our top-picked list? Well, here are the three factors that we considered:

Friction Reduction

Reducing friction is one of the primary purposes of an anti-fouling glove. So, a good drawing glove will provide little to no friction when worn, allowing your hand to move freely. This will enable you to draw more efficiently and accurately. Going through the product’s reviews is an excellent way to go about assessing a drawing glove's friction-reduction capabilities.

Material Used

The material used to make the drawing gloves will significantly impact their durability and comfort. You want your drawing glove to be comfortable since you will be wearing it for long durations. The good news is that the best anti-fouling gloves, like the ones on our list, are usually made using Lycra. Lycra is a very comfortable material since it is soft, airy, stretchable, and light. It is also very durable since it does not tear or deform.

Seam Quality

The seams of drawing gloves should be well-stitched and strong. If they are poorly stitched, the glove will easily tear apart. The seams should also be comfortably placed, so they don’t get in the way of your drawing.

What Size Should Your Drawing Glove Be?

When shopping for drawing gloves, you will come upon two types of drawing glove sizes:

- Standard Sizes
- Universal Sizes

You must make sure that your new drawing glove fits you perfectly, or otherwise, it may reduce the blood circulation to your hand. Let's now look at the two types of art glove sizes, shall we?

Standard Sizes

Standard-sized drawing gloves such as small, medium, and large allow for a comfortable and customized fit for your hand. You can simply choose the size that best fits your hand and start drawing in comfort.

Universal Size

Universal-sized drawing gloves are made using very stretchy material. This type of drawing glove stretches to fit almost all hand sizes. But it may not fit hands that are too small or too large. You can determine how universal a universal-sized drawing glove is by going through the product’s reviews. There you can see if other people had any trouble with the glove’s size.

Drawing Glove FAQ

Now that we know everything about drawing gloves, let’s address some of the most commonly asked questions about them and end this brief:

Q: Can drawing gloves be used with acrylic, watercolor, and oil paint?

A: Yes, you can use drawing gloves with most drawing and painting materials such as acrylic, watercolor, oil paint, markers, and pencils.

Q: Which drawing gloves are suitable for lefties?

A: Although it depends on the manufacturer, you can use most drawing gloves on either hand since they are made symmetrically.

Q: Should the drawing gloves be machine washed or hand washed?

A: It is best to hand wash the drawing gloves with soapy water. But, if the manufacturer recommends using a washing machine, then go for it!

Q: What is palm rejection in drawing gloves?

A: Palm rejection on drawing gloves allows you to place your palm on a touchscreen without triggering an input. This helps you work more comfortably on electronic drawing tablets.

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