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Elevate Wine Wednesday with These Products

Elevate Wine Wednesday with These Products

As far as wine and ‘wining’ is concerned, there are only two options available to some people: red wine and white wine. To others, the choices are endless. They may mix, combine and blend varieties just to produce unique, premium wines that taste different.

If you belong to the camp of winers in the latter category or you think you’re a stark lover of wine, then chances are high you’d have an entire cart dedicated to wine products in your home.

Otherwise, it’s time for an upgrade!

Beside the regular sets of wine glasses, there are plenty of other essentials every oenophile should have on hand. Consider a decanter to let your red wine show its full, bold flavor, or a gorgeous (and practical) wine rack to showcase your favorite libations. Not to mention stoppers, wine coolers, coasters, opener, and the perfect carriers.

Below are the best products you’ll need to elevate Wine Wednesday. Drink up!

Wine aerator

Wine aerators are tools used for aerating wine. Models come in various technologies, shapes, and designs. But the best wine aerator will help you aerate rapidly and even immediately.

Using this device, you can enjoy your wines more and have no need for prolonged tasting. Most wine aerators are discreet and convenient to transport. And this makes them the perfect tool for wine lovers. After aerating, the wine aerator allows your wine to fill the air with its aroma, and then, the rest is history.

What’s more, you can easily speed up the process of aeration and serve your guests within minutes (there’s no point waiting any longer). A wine's taste changes with time. And this is why people lookout for the best methods to keep it exclusive. By using an aerator, you can soften your wine’s tannins and help it reach its maximum potential.

Electric Wine opener

Normally, a manual corkscrew will open a bottle of wine, but in some cases, it may not work. When used at the wrong angle, or when the cork breaks and you’re left with just one option - trying again, you’d find out you need something much more than a manual opener.

With electric wine openers, you can simply hold your corkscrew over the bottle, hit a button, and then, boom! The cork is out! The era of bulky and noisy electric wine openers is over. Now, the corkscrew comes hidden in a sleek, fashionable gadget you’d definitely love to display on your bar. A variety of features are available on electric wine bottle openers. While some work with batteries, others are powered up by electric chargers. Several come with foil cutters, while others include various wine accessories, such as aerating pourers, stoppers, and vacuum pumps. Consider what features mean a lot to you, and which opener is compatible with your budget.


You may have heard of wine decanters, but still, you’re unsure of what they really are. After all, who would ever love to add an extra step that further prolongs the process of drinking wine? And, what on God’s green earth is a decanter? Wait; we’ll tell you!

Wine decanters are vessels (mostly made of glass) used in serving wine. Simple, right? What then does it mean to decant wine? Well, decanting wine is simply the act of transferring wine from a bottle to a decanter. In a typical home setting, decanters are used to serve wine into separate glasses. But in the restaurant, some systems might pour the wine back into the bottle after decanting. This is just for presentation sake, and nothing more. You may decide to stick to whichever form works for you — whether serving from the decanter or pouring wine back into the bottle. What matters is you’re sipping great wine and you’re having a good time.

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