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How To Calm a Screaming Baby

How To Calm a Screaming Baby

One of the biggest problems parents face when raising a baby is calming them when they scream or cry. Babies cry whenever they feel like it, whether that be mid-day or throughout the night. This can lead to parents building up quite a bit of stress. To avoid sleepless nights and distressed babies, here are some of the best ways to keep them calm.

Use a Pacifier

This is the simplest way to calm a screaming baby. Often, a baby screams because they want to suck on their mother’s breast, but this doesn’t always mean they’re hungry. They might just want to feel the familiar sensation that they’re so used to. A pacifier gives them the stimulation they need without having to give them any breastmilk. Pacifiers are cheap, and most importantly, they’re safe, so be sure to have one around with you at all times just in case.

Buy a Baby Swing or Baby Bouncer

Rocking your baby to sleep can be painful on the arms. A baby swing can help lull a crying baby to sleep with gentle, rhythmic motions. You can buy the good old-fashioned manual swings, or try out more modern, automatic swings. These newer swings have various options and are consistent, which means that the baby will feel right at home every time they swing in it. They may cost many a pretty penny, but it’s definitely worth every single one.

Just remember, though, that baby swings and bouncers won’t be used for long. Babies grow fast, and eventually, they’ll be too big to fit in them. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get them at all - just know that unless you’re expecting more babies in the future, they won’t see much use in a year.

Get a White Noise Machine

If you’ve never tried one before, you may doubt the effectiveness of a white noise machine. But white noise can be incredibly calming, not just for students or professionals, but for babies, too. White noise is constant and ambient, and this can cause your baby to fall asleep quite easily. Who knows, you could even use the white noise machine yourself, too, so they’re worth getting if you have money to spare.

There are different types of white noise, and while most should work on your baby, there are some that work better than others. In particular, those that imitate the heartbeat sound can work wonders on crying babies. It makes them feel like they’re back in their mother’s womb, with the only audible sound being the constant beating of the heart.

Install a Musical Mobile

White noise machines are great for ambient noise, but if you want to lull your baby with soothing melodies, then a musical mobile is perfect. The musical mobile plays soft tunes accompanied by lights and moving objects that will entertain your baby and keep them interested. They can even fall asleep as they’re left with their imagination running wild.

Order a Play Saucer

While babies do sometimes cry for food, they may also cry because they’re bored. Keeping them in a crib all day isn’t recommended at all, and they may not enjoy their toys, either. That’s why a play saucer can be a great way to keep your baby interested. They’re fitted with various bits and bobs that your baby can play around with. And with your baby in the center, you don’t need to worry about them crawling about, either. There’s plenty to do in the play saucer, so it may be worth getting instead of just another toy.


Babies cry and scream for a variety of reasons. By using the methods listed above, you can keep your baby entertained or lull them to sleep so that you can enjoy a little bit of peace and quiet yourself.

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