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How to Stream (for Free) Without Hurting Your Wallet

Since many of us will be staying home for the next while, why not find some ways to stay entertained?

Due to the risk of COVID-19 caused by the novel coronavirus, many schools and businesses have shut down. Other companies have instructed their employees to work from home at an unprecedented rate.

Since you’ll be spending a lot of time indoors for the next while, you’ll need some entertainment to take the edge off the dullness of staring at the same surroundings for days on end. One of the best ways to stay entertained is to stream movies and TV shows, and there are many ways to accomplish that.

During this difficult time, however, finances might be a little tight and you're probably not looking to pay much (if anything) for these services. Luckily, many sources offer free trials which you can take advantage of. A few offer 30-day trials; others provide a trial period of only 7 days. Either way, this is an excellent opportunity to catch up on great shows and movies.

We broke out which companies are offering 30-day and 7-day trials.

Helpful HACK: The best way to make sure you do not inadvertently end up being charged for these streaming services (if you decide you do not want to keep them) is to add a reminder in your calendar. Likewise, you can also ask Google Assistant or Siri to remind you to cancel the services a day or two before the trial period ends so you are not charged.

30-day free trial



Amazon Prime Video

7-day free trial


Apple TV+


For all the gamers out there, Gamefly offers a 30-day free trial as well.


Being cooped up indoors is hardly the definition of fun, but these streaming services can help the days go by with a little less monotony. Stay safe and have fun!

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