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Jot Down Notes on the Best Whiteboard Sticker

  1. AFMAT Erase Markers Whiteboard Sticker
  2. Kassa Large Wall Whiteboard Sticker
  3. MMFB Arts & Crafts Extra Large Whiteboard Sticker
  4. Shengtang Dry Erase Whiteboard Sticker
  5. Canvix Dry Erase Wall Decal Whiteboard Sticker
  6. Buyer's Guide

Whiteboards have been around for a while and do not seem to be going away anytime soon. Even with recent advancements in technology, whiteboards still have a place in our everyday lives. They are useful in schools as learning aids, in offices for brainstorming and sharing ideas, in the house to draft to-do lists, and other important things.

Whiteboard stickers bring a new dimension to the use of whiteboards. They are easy to install and do not take up space like freestanding whiteboards. All you need to install a whiteboard sticker is a flat surface — it could be your wall or your desk. This versatility makes whiteboard stickers a choice product in many homes, schools, and offices, so our experts reviewed the best whiteboard stickers in 2022. The review that follows details their unique features that made them stand out and worth a purchase.

What are the best whiteboard stickers of 2022?

AFMAT Erase Markers Whiteboard Sticker - Best Overall

The AFMAT whiteboard sticker offers a stain-resistant writing surface. Ghosting is a common problem whiteboard users complain about, and the AFMAT whiteboard sticker solves this problem with the use of a stain-resistant PET material for the writing surface. The back mounting surface is coated with a premium adhesive that ensures the whiteboard sits firmly on the wall and won't peel away from the surface even while writing. To keep the sticker perfectly flat, the package comes with scrapers for removing pesky air bubbles during installation as well as push pins to anchor the sticker.

  • The adhesive is strong and doesn’t fall off easily
  • You can wipe the surface clean without residue even after two months
  • The package includes three free markers
  • It can leave residue when taken off the mounting surface

Kassa Large Wall Whiteboard Sticker - Runner Up

The Kassa Whiteboard Sticker is an inexpensive whiteboard sticker option. Despite its affordable price, the whiteboard sticker still delivers on quality. It is made of polyvinyl chloride and is water-resistant, and the whole roll measures 17.3” x 78”. A grid on the backing paper makes it easy to cut the sticker to the desired size so you can place as many small whiteboard stickers or as few large whiteboard stickers as you wish. The writing surface comes in two variants — a standard white surface and a clear surface. The clear surface is great for blending in with your surroundings while providing convenient writing space as long as it's a smooth, clean surface.

  • Very affordable
  • The package includes three markers and an eraser cloth
  • Reusable as long as you're careful with removal
  • The whiteboard sticker is not available in multiple sizes

MMFB Arts & Crafts Extra Large Whiteboard Sticker - Honorable Mention

This whiteboard sticker from MFMB Arts & Crafts offers good value for money because it is made to stand the test of time. You will not likely be needing a new whiteboard sticker for a long time once you settle on this one. The whiteboard sticker is made of high-quality vinyl that is guaranteed to last. Its smooth and glossy texture gives it an authentic whiteboard appearance and feel, and the sticker is 7 feet long, giving you loads of surface space for a wall. If you're looking for a larger writing surface, they also offer a 9ft option. The package also includes four markers with erasers so you can get writing right away.

  • Made to last
  • Waterproof
  • Available in different lengths — 7 and 9 feet
  • It leaves a sticky residue when removed from a surface

Shengtang Dry Erase Whiteboard Sticker - Contender

The Shengtang Whiteboard Sticker is an easy-to-use whiteboard sticker that is made of non-toxic materials. With the whiteboard sticker’s dimension of 78.7” x 17”, the sticker can cover wide surfaces fairly well. The whiteboard is made of polyvinyl chloride and comes with a water pen that writes well and erases easily. It has a gloss finish akin to regular whiteboards and you don’t have to worry about leaving residue on your wall after removal because it comes off with minimal effort. Although it does come with markers, we recommend purchasing higher quality ones.

  • Flexible PVC construction
  • The whiteboard sticker is durable
  • Comes with three water-based markers
  • Ghosting tends to happen after 24 hours

Canvix Dry Erase Wall Decal Whiteboard Sticker - Consider

The Canvix Whiteboard Sticker accommodates various use cases because it comes in different sizes and is available in basic white or a calendar design. Whether you need a whiteboard for your office presentation, teaching, or home use, or a calendar to write down your family's schedules, there is a size and style of the Canvix whiteboard sticker that suits your needs. Made of PET material, the whiteboard sticker’s writing surface is extra thick and not flimsy. And, the sticker is easy to install — all you need is the applicator and a flat, clean surface. As with others on the list, no ghosting!

  • Available in three sizes
  • Comes with an eraser, marker, and applicator
  • The surface bubbles easily if not installed correctly

Buyer's Guide

Having gone through our review of the best whiteboard stickers, you are well on your way to buying the best product available out there. While we've offered some great options for you to purchase, you may still be unsure of what features to look for in a great whiteboard sticker. This buying guide offers you more clarity on the specifics of whiteboard stickers and how to choose the most suitable one for you.

What are whiteboard stickers?

We all remember sticky notes and the convenience they brought to our ability to organize things and draft actionable to-do lists. Whiteboard stickers offer the same utility and more. Whiteboard stickers, also known as dry erase stickers, are glossy white surfaces on which you can write with non-permanent markers. They usually come with an adhesive backside for sticking them on walls or other flat surfaces, such as a desk. A striking advantage of dry erase stickers is that they take up less space than a conventional white board and simply repurpose existing surfaces. And, they're usually less expensive than a normal whiteboard.

What are the uses of whiteboard stickers?

One thing that dry erase stickers have going for them is their versatility. They can be used in many situations, some of which we've discussed below:

Renew old boards

When your old whiteboards start to crack or lose their gloss, you can buy a whiteboard sticker to renew the surface. Instead of needing to buy a whole new whiteboard, this is an inexpensive yet effective solution. Alternatively, you can apply a whiteboard sticker over a chalkboard when making the switch from chalkboards to whiteboards. You can even create your own DIY whiteboard with some wood or an old frame and placing the sticker on that.

To-do list

Like sticky notes, you can also use whiteboard stickers to draft to-do lists. Once you cut the sticker to your preferred size, you stick it to a flat surface and start writing your to-do list. However, you don’t discard your whiteboard sticker after one use. You can clean it off and write new lists over and over again. Whiteboards are a convenient, reusable way to keep track of your daily tasks.

Projection surface

In need of a white surface for projections? Why not use a whiteboard sticker? Yes, you can project images on whiteboard stickers seamlessly as they're the perfect flat, white surface for the job. Stick the dry erase sticker on your wall, set up the projector, and you're all set.


Ideas flow at random, and it may be hard to keep track of your thought process during brainstorming sessions. A whiteboard sticker will prove useful during brainstorming sessions because it allows you to scribble down your thoughts but modify them easily, erasing and adding as necessary. More importantly, you don’t always need a wall to place the sticker. Any flat surface, including your desk, will suffice, keeping your note-taking place handy.

Learning aid

Whiteboard stickers have multiple uses for teachers. They can use it to communicate information to students and use it to get feedback from the students as well. By cutting up the dry erase sticker and sticking it on each student’s desk, teachers can ask students to present their understanding of the lessons taught in class. In the same vein, parents can stick up a whiteboard sticker on the wall in their children’s room to allow them to unleash their creativity. Whiteboard stickers are the perfect way to do homework and work through challenging assignments.

What are some factors to consider when buying a whiteboard sticker?

In order to get the most suitable whiteboard sticker, certain factors have to be considered. These factors are discussed in detail below:


When purchasing a whiteboard sticker, the size of the product is the first factor you should consider, especially when you have a wide surface to cover. Too small, and your wall looks half-done. Therefore, you should measure the surface you want to cover and compare it to the dimensions indicated on the product before buying. Some whiteboard stickers come in multiple dimensions. You are sure to find a size that meets your needs. You can also get a large whiteboard sticker and cut it down into smaller pieces, dispersing the writing spaces throughout your space as needed.


Users often complain about ghosting on regular whiteboards. Ghosting is the smudge left on the whiteboard after cleaning off old writing. In the long run, ghosting diminishes the whiteboard’s quality. Whiteboard stickers are not immune to ghosting, but manufacturers have upped their game to produce dry erase stickers that are stain-resistant and leave no smudges behind. However, you should check well for the manufacturer’s specifications. Some guarantee a ghosting-free surface of up to 24 hours, while others guarantee up to 60 days. But, if you leave writing on the surface for too long, you almost always risk ghosting.


The quality of material used to make your whiteboard sticker affects its durability and longevity. Apart from standing the test of time, a good product also saves you the cost of constant replacements. Another reason to look out for the quality of material used to make your whiteboard sticker is that a poorly made whiteboard will make ink fade off the surface in no time. Unless you are using the whiteboard for projection, faded ink defeats the purpose of having a whiteboard.

Adhesive quality

Unlike freestanding whiteboards, whiteboard stickers do not have a frame to rest on. Rather, they go directly on a flat surface. The adhesive behind the writing surface helps you to stick the whiteboard sticker to the wall. Thus, it is important that you check the quality of the adhesive before buying. A poor adhesive will see your whiteboard sticker falling off in no time, peeling at the corners and creating an uneven writing surface. Some manufacturers add push pins to complement the strength of adhesive. Overall, it is recommended that you buy a dry erase sticker that has quality adhesive. Additionally, a product that comes with push pins offers better security.

Tips on using whiteboard stickers

Here are some tips that will help you get the best out of your dry erase sticker:

- Clean the surface you are sticking the whiteboard sticker on before putting it there
- Ensure the surface is flat and smooth — uneven surfaces are not recommended
- Cut the whiteboard sticker to the desired size (you can skip this step if you are using the whole roll)
- Gently peel off the film covering the adhesive surface so it doesn't rip
- Firmly stick the whiteboard to the wall so the adhesive can be applied
- While doing the step above, avoid touching the adhesive surface with your hand, as this will impair its ability to stick to the wall
- After sticking the whiteboard to the wall, squeeze out air bubbles for an even writing surface

It is important to adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions regarding the surfaces you can use the whiteboard sticker on. Avoid sticking it on surfaces with particles or rugged wallpapers.

How much do whiteboard stickers cost?

The price of whiteboard stickers depends on the thickness of the whiteboard and the dimension. The bigger the dry erase sticker, the more it costs. Typically, an average-sized whiteboard sticker costs between $10 and $15. Larger ones cost between $25 and $40.

Whiteboard Sticker FAQ

Q: Are whiteboard stickers worth it?

A: Whiteboard stickers are definitely worth it. They do not cost a fortune, and they can be used in diverse scenarios with minimal hassle.

Q: Does rubbing alcohol damage whiteboards?

A: Rubbing alcohol only provides temporary respite for your whiteboard. It does give your whiteboard a spotless look, but the board will eventually become uncleanable after continued use because it damages the lubricating layer of the board.

Q: Can I reuse a whiteboard sticker after removing it from an old surface?

A: Yes, you can. However, the viability of this process depends on the quality of adhesive that came with the stick-on whiteboard initially. Be sure to check the indication on the label to know if it is reusable or not.

Q: Can you place magnetic items on a whiteboard sticker?

A: Your dry erase sticker is not magnetic. However, you can place magnetic items on the board if the whiteboard itself is placed on a magnetic surface like the door of a refrigerator.

Q: How long do whiteboard stickers last?

A: The lifespan of your stick-on whiteboard usually depends on the durability of the material used and how well you maintain it. On average, whiteboard stickers can last between four to eight years. It'll also last longer if you don't remove the sticker and reapply it.

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