Puerto Rico’s premier cultural event gets under way

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The seventh edition of the Santurce Es Ley Art, Music & Culture Festival opened Friday in Puerto Rico’s capital.

Founded and run by Alexis Bousquet, who owns a gallery in San Juan’s Santurce district, this year’s festival includes works by Luis Alejandro Rodriguez, David Zayas, The Stencil Network, Ana Marietta, Andres Cortes, Sergio Vazquez, Angurria, Danae Brissonnet, Adele Renault and David “Mr. June” Junelouf, among other artists.

In comments to EFE, Bousquet emphasized “the maturity” of the festival, represented by his decision to adopt this year an exclusive focus on murals for the enjoyment of the hundreds who are expected to attend the three-day event.


He cited the work by artist and musician Mark Rivera, who made a small roller coaster entitled “We’re Fine,” featuring a toy car that moves through the piece.

“The car goes through a series of problems. We love to say we’re fine, but we don’t do an introspection of whether we’re really fine. Are we fine? In reality, corruption, school closings, sexist violence and femicide are not indicators that we’re fine,” Bousquet said.

Dominican artist Angurria, who is participating for the first time in Santurce Es Ley, said that for him it is “a dream” to have collaborated in what he called “the most important art festival in the Caribbean.”