Fernandinho passed on Brazil team spot after family was insulted, Tite says


Manchester City midfielder Fernandinho refused to rejoin the Brazilian national soccer team because of the threats and insults made against his family on socical media following his disappointing performance at the 2018 World Cup in Russia, the squad’s coach, Adenor Leonardo “Tite” Bacchi, said in an interview this weekend.

Tite told Sport TV on Saturday night that he contacted Fernandinho after the World Cup to discuss his role on the projected roster for upcoming matches, but the 33-year-old Man City player said he had promised his family that he would not return to the national team.

“The first player that I wanted to call up (after the World Cup) was Fernandinho. The number one. He’s an extraordinary player, he gives you everything he’s got,” the national team coach said.


Fernandinho, whose name is Fernando Luiz Roza, was on the field when Germany blew out Brazil 7-1 in the semifinals of the 2014 World Cup and had an own goal against Belgium in the World Cup quarterfinals in Russia last summer.

Belgium edged Brazil 2-1, eliminating the South American squad from the tournament and leaving Brazilian fans dejected.

After the World Cup, Fernandinho was criticized endlessly by fans and found himself the target, along with his family, of attacks on social media.

“I went to speak with him in person because the Brazilian team is very proud to have a player with his dignity and professionalism. I’m not dumb enough to call up a bad player. I hope he sees the light, I’m going to support him alot,” Tite said.

The national soccer team coach discussed what happened to Moacir Barbosa Nascimento, the goalkeeper who fans never forgave for his performance in the loss against Uruguay in the 1950 World Cup championship match in Brazil.