7. Jackie Speier

$4.5 million minimum net worth

Speier (D-Hillsborough) had $5.1 million in minimum assets thanks to income from rental properties in Palm Springs, Burlingame, Sacramento, and San Francisco. She was also an investor in video game company Electronic Arts and coffee chain Philz Coffee Inc.


$5.1 million minimum assets
$600,000 minimum liabilities

Asset list

Rank Asset Type Owner Minimum value
1 S SF Property Real Estate Member $500,001
2 Rental Property Real Estate Member $500,001
3 Rental Property # 2 Real Estate Member $500,001
4 Rental Property # 1 Real Estate Member $500,001
5 Versus stock (privately held) Investments Spouse $500,001
6 Rental Property Real Estate Joint $500,001
7 US Bank Bank Account Member $250,001
8 Rental Property # 3 Real Estate Member $250,001
9 Vanguard (IRA) Windsor II Fund Adm, Windsor II Fund Adm Investments Spouse $100,001
10 Sterling Trust Serpah Partners II Stock Investments Spouse $100,001
11 Vanguard (IRA) Growth Equity Fund, Growth Equity fund Investments Spouse $100,001
12 Vanguard (IRA) Explorer Fund Admiral, Explorer Fund Admiral Investments Spouse $100,001
13 Vanguard (IRA) International Growth Adm Fund, International Growth Equity Fund Investments Spouse $100,001
14 Vanguard (IRA) International Value Fund, International Value Fund Investments Spouse $100,001
15 Charles Schwab Community Property Money Market Bank Account Spouse $100,001
16 Charles Schwab, Schwab Money Market Fund Bank Account Member $100,001
17 Charles Schwab Corporation (Schw), Schwab Muni Bond Fund Investments Spouse $100,001
18 Charles Schwab (Versus), Schwab Money Market Fund, Money Market Fund Bank Account Spouse $100,001
19 Nationwide Retirement Solution, NRS Large Cap Fund Investments Member $50,001
20 Electronic Arts, Electronic Arts Inc (EA) Investments Member $50,001
21 Charles Schwab, MedAmerica, American Funds Euro Pacific GR R5 Investments Member $50,001
22 Schwab US Small Cap ETF Investments Spouse $50,001
23 Sterling Bank Bank Account Spouse $50,001
24 US Bank, Speier Family Partners Bank Account Member $15,001
25 City National Bank Bank Account Member $15,001
26 Gabelli Small Capital Growth Investments Spouse $15,001
27 Nationwide Retirement Solution, NRS International Fund Investments Member $15,001
28 Nuveen California Ins Muni Fund Investments Member $15,001
29 Bank of America Corporation (BAC) Investments Spouse $15,001
30 Charles Schwab, Deutsche Bank Emerging Market Fund Investments Spouse $15,001
31 Charles Schwab, Intel Corporation (Intc) Investments Spouse $15,001
32 Charles Schwab, Microsoft Corporation (Msft) Investments Member $15,001
33 Charles Schwab, Xylem Inc Common Stock New (XYL) Investments Member $15,001
34 Charles Schwab Corporation (Schw), Ascent Stock Investments Spouse $15,001
35 Charles Schwab, MedAmerica, Invesco Equity Real Estate Security Investments Member $15,001
36 Charles Schwab, MedAmerica, Pimco Total Return Instl Investments Member $15,001
37 Charles Schwab, MedAmerica, Schwab Total Stock Market Index Investments Member $15,001
38 Charles Schwab, MedAmerica, Value ADV Money Insg Investments Member $15,001
39 Charles Schwab, MedAmerica, Vanguard Explorer AMD Investments Member $15,001
40 Charles Schwab (Versus), Schwab Money Market Fund, Black Diamond Bank Account Spouse $15,001
41 Charles Schwab (Versus), Schwab Money Market Fund, Charles Schwab Bank Account Spouse $15,001
42 Charles Schwab (Versus), Schwab Money Market Fund, Schwab Money Market Fund Bank Account Spouse $15,001
43 Philz Coffee Inc Investments Member $15,001
44 Ameriprise International Fund, Ameriprise International Fund Investments Spouse $15,001
45 Ares Capital Closed End Mutual Fund Investments Spouse $15,001
46 Electronic Arts, Electronic Arts Inc (EA) Investments Member $1,001
47 Charles Schwab Corporation (Schw), Liberty Media Interactive Stock Investments Spouse $1,001
48 Gabelli Asset Fund Investments Spouse $1,001
49 Charles Schwab Corporation (Schw), Danos Corp Stock Investments Spouse $1,001
50 Nationwide Retirement Solution, NRS Short-term Investment Fund Investments Member $1,001
51 Cisco Systems, Inc (Csco) Investments Member $1,001
52 Electronic Arts, Electronic Arts Inc (EA) Investments Member $1,001
53 Charles Schwab, Ford Motor Company (F) Investments Member $1,001
54 Charles Schwab, General Electric Company (GE) Investments Member $1,001
55 Electronic Arts, Electronic Arts Inc (EA) Investments Member $1,001
56 Vanguard (IRA) Federal Money Market, Federal Money MarketFund Bank Account Spouse $1,001
57 First Medical Group, Inc (Fmdg) Investments Spouse $1
58 Charles Schwab Corporation (Schw), AngloGold Investments Spouse $1
59 Charles Schwab Corporation (Schw), Discovery Holdings Ltd Ordinary Shares Investments Spouse $1
60 Electronic Arts, Electronic Arts Inc (EA) Investments Member $1

Liability list

Rank Creditor Type Owner Minimum value
1 Wells Fargo Mortgage Joint $500,001
2 Capitol Hill Towers - Co-Op, Washington DC Mortgage Joint $100,001

Credits: Christina Bellantoni, Christine Mai-Duc, Javier Panzar, Julie Westfall and Sarah Wire.

About this data: These are the assets disclosed for calendar years 2014-2016 compiled by Roll Call. They are ranked from largest to smallest. Financial disclosure rules allow lawmakers to report broad ranges of minimums for both assets and liabilities, starting at $1 to $1,000 and topping out at $50 million or higher, so it is impossible to offer precise figures. The minimum values shown are how Roll Call calculated the net worth for each member.

Roll Call assigns assets and liabilities into several categories. The disclosure forms indicate if the asset or liability is owned solely by the member, by the member’s spouse, by the member’s dependent(s) or jointly owned by the member and spouse. The names of the assets and liabilities appear as they were entered on the forms filed with the clerk of the House and the Senate Select Committee on Ethics.