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A man who made phony bomb and shooting threats, including to LAX and Southern California schools, has been sentenced to nearly eight years in prison.

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Raymond Chan, a deputy mayor who oversaw economic development for L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti in 2016 and 2017, has been charged with conspiracy, bribery and other crimes.

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Catmosphere Laguna closed over the weekend after coronavirus restrictions made it impossible to make ends meet, owner Gail Allyn Landau said.

The new rules, affecting stores, playgrounds and gatherings, are less severe than the stay-at-home order initiated in the spring.

L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti didn’t order the recent county ban on outdoor dining, but he’s still facing pressure from restaurant owners who are frustrated with his messaging.

Demonstrators converged outside the home of Los Angeles County Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer on Sunday to protest a new round of COVID-19 restrictions.

There are more COVID patients in California hospitals than ever before, sparking a race to tamp down the increase before the healthcare system is overwhelmed.

Mark Armendo was found unresponsive in a jail cell in the San Diego County city of Vista in June and died two months later at UCSD Medical Center.

A projection cited by Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti has 4,000 more L.A. County residents dying of COVID-19 by the year’s end. But experts say that dire outcome is avoidable.

Black people are the overwhelming victims of sickle cell anemia. An experimental gene therapy being tested on Evie Junior, 27, gives him reason to feel positive.

As county health officials try to slow a worrisome coronavirus surge, holiday shopping and family gatherings could pose a danger as people tire of restrictions during a season many hoped would be a reprieve.

Only 32% of Black adults say they would take a COVID-19 vaccine. That speaks volumes about the need for a reckoning on racism in healthcare and building trust in the communities hit hardest by the pandemic.

San Francisco and San Mateo counties on Saturday were moved into the state’s most restrictive tier, representing widespread risk of coronavirus transmission, as strict rules were implemented in Silicon Valley.

Inspections found that some Pasadena restaurants haven’t taken basic steps to correct COVID-19 violations and they were shut down.

The number of people hospitalized with coronavirus infections in California has doubled in the last two weeks and is rapidly headed to breaking past its summertime high, according to a Times analysis.


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