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Bankruptcy trustees have accused the reality star of concealing assets for her husband and are dispatching investigators to comb through her belongings and accounts.

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Newsom proposes $859-million expansion of Medi-Cal to cover seniors regardless of immigration status, funded by a massive rise in income tax revenue.

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Many Indian Americans in California are straddling two worlds: an improving COVID outlook in the U.S. and a heartbreaking crisis in India.

Some people are still concerned about going without masks even after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention offer guidance relaxing the rules.

The new CDC guidance relaxing mask use caught many off guard in California, where officials are not ready to lift mask mandates. Opinion was largely divided: Some people said the move felt premature and could hurt front-line workers. Others said it was about time since COVID-19 case rates are declining.

In a momentous turn in the fight against COVID-19, federal officials are significantly easing mask guidelines as the threat of the pandemic rapidly fades.

People who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 no longer need to wear masks in most places, the CDC suggested. But in California, it may be a week or more before changes would be considered locally.

Teenagers 12 to 15 are able to get the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID vaccine starting today. No appointment is needed at L.A. County-run sites.


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L.A.'s search for new solutions to a growing homelessness crisis is running up against residents’ love of their beaches and park spaces.

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