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After a day of record-high heat, Southern California is again expected to reach blistering temperatures Wednesday.

State Laws, Politics & Policy

The state Constitution requires lawmakers to pass a budget by June 15 or see their pay docked. But what they passed on Monday isn’t the final product.

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Even if you are fully vaccinated against COVID-19, you don’t need to stop wearing a mask if doing so would make you uncomfortable.

Despite Tuesday’s massive reopening and the loosening of COVID-19 rules in California, many continue to wear masks in public.

San Francisco Mayor London Breed announced Tuesday that cable cars will resume running in August with free ridership for a month.

As of Tuesday, restrictions were lifted at most businesses, and Californians fully vaccinated for COVID-19 could go without masks in most settings.

Tuesday is not the first time California has tried to reopen its economy during the COVID-19 pandemic. But officials are hopeful it will be the last.

Vaccinated workers might no longer need to wear masks by the end of the week if a board approves a proposal and Gov. Gavin Newsom issues an executive order.

Vaccinated Californians 18 and older will have a chance to win trips to San Francisco, Palm Springs, Anaheim, Los Angeles or San Diego in a new Vax for the Win lottery to be held July 1.


Housing & Homelessness

With California’s economy reopening, rent in Los Angeles and other big cities is beginning to rise.

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