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The Southern California earthquake occurred 20 miles from Imperial, 24 miles from El Centro, 32 miles from Calexico and 42 miles from Coachella.
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A former marine is now a cop, walking the streets of Hollywood on the homelessness beat. She sees a flawed strategy, haphazard execution and discouraging results.
It’s been a little over a year since the Woolsey fire began its assault on the Santa Monica Mountains, so survivors of that devastation can talk pretty calmly about what they and their neighbors experienced.
Homeless people are honored guests at an elegant dinner called The King’s Table in Orange County as a way of bringing them dignity, hope, friendship and connection.
A plan by Southern California governments to locate more housing in cities closer to the coast does not address the real threats posed by climate change.
An exclusive poll done for the Los Angeles Times and Los Angeles Business Council Institute found that 95% of respondents believe homelessness is either a serious or very serious problem.
How the poll of Los Angeles County attitudes toward homeless people was conducted.
This poll on homelessness in L.A. County was produced by the Los Angeles Times in partnership with the Los Angeles Business Council Institute, a nonprofit research arm of the Los Angeles Business Council.
Among homeless, a small minority of the severely mentally ill could be best served in public mental health hospitals that offer more intensive care.
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Transportation is responsible for 29% of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions. Drones delivering packages could help reduce that — depending on how and where they’re deployed.
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