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California plans to launch two climate-tracking satellites into orbit in 2023 to search for ‘super-emitters’ of planet-warming pollution.

State Laws, Politics & Policy

Bills moving forward in the state Legislature were applauded by an array of civil rights and police reform groups.

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Orange County’s announcement it would start a “vaccine passport” pilot program has drawn negative responses from some residents who suggest the voluntary digital record of vaccination would encroach on their constitutional rights.

San Francisco officials announced that indoor venues such as stadiums and theaters can reopen Thursday, but COVID-19 rules will apply.

California and Los Angeles officials say they don’t expect the Johnson & Johnson stoppage will make it harder right away to get a COVID vaccine.

The lone remaining denizen of the purple tier is Merced County after Inyo County advanced to the less-restrictive red tier Tuesday.

As Ramadan begins, here’s what Muslims in Southern California need to know about getting the COVID-19 vaccine.

The state Department of Public Health has modified its guidance on religious gatherings, no longer mandating capacity limits in places of worship.


Housing & Homelessness

In March, slightly more than half of homes sold for over the asking price across Los Angeles. In some spots, the share was even bigger.

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