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City staff is proposing replacing the island’s old drainage infrastructure with an automated pump station.

State Laws, Politics & Policy

A key legislative committee approves bills to help overhaul the EDD’s operations as the agency apologizes for another error that interrupted payments.

California: Most read


Officials moved the lone remaining occupant of the category, Merced County, into the less-stringent red tier after reexamining the region’s data.

During the pandemic, these clinics have helped women with painful gynecological issues avoid long waits in ERs or longer waits to see their doctors.

Among communities with at least 5,000 residents, those that saw the largest relative increases in their vaccination rates over a weeks-long stretch ending Monday were lower-income areas with predominantly non-white populations.

After more than a year of the COVID-19 pandemic, close physical contact has become anything but routine. Here are some stories of first post-vaccine hugs.

Everyone 16 or older in California can now book COVID-19 vaccination appointments on the state’s My Turn system.

Orange County’s announcement it would start a “vaccine passport” pilot program has drawn negative responses from some residents who suggest the voluntary digital record of vaccination would encroach on their constitutional rights.

San Francisco officials announced that indoor venues such as stadiums and theaters can reopen Thursday, but COVID-19 rules will apply.

California and Los Angeles officials say they don’t expect the Johnson & Johnson stoppage will make it harder right away to get a COVID vaccine.

The lone remaining denizen of the purple tier is Merced County after Inyo County advanced to the less-restrictive red tier Tuesday.


Housing & Homelessness

Is a tiny house really a glorified toolshed? Are the unhoused serving as guinea pigs for architect’s design experiments? Our columnist visits L.A.'s new wave of shelter solutions.

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