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Humans keep building where we shouldn’t build, experts say, heightening the danger in fire-prone landscapes subjected to dry Santa Ana winds.
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A number of arson attacks on Los Angeles’ growing homeless community have left several people dead or injured in recent weeks, and Los Angeles fire officials say the overall number of blazes affecting the homeless community is on pace to rise for the third year in a row.
Los Angeles City Atty. Mike Feuer on Wednesday sued several housing developers, alleging they misappropriated millions of dollars of public money. The lawsuit stems from a $2.3 million loan issued by the city in 1999.
A protest in Chatsworth against a homeless housing project shows that voters are fine spending tax money on these items, but just not near their homes.
The L.A. City Council has voted to move forward with an effort to stop landlords from quickly evicting tenants or raising rent before a new state rental law takes effect.
Dozens of new apartments for homeless people could rise in Chatsworth after the Los Angeles City Council voted Tuesday to fund a rare proposal to build such housing in the northwest San Fernando Valley.
Boise is a midsize city with a manageable homeless population. But it is setting standards for how much bigger cities deal with homeless encampments.
A newly formed group called Homeshare Alliance Los Angeles has been pushing City Council members to permit Angelenos to rent out a second unit to travelers.
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Jane Fonda was detained again during a rally outside the U.S. Capitol Friday. Her “Grace & Frankie” costar Sam Waterston also was caught in the fray.
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