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Twenty-two years after two women were attacked in Alameda County, a suspect has been identified, using evidence from a discarded ice cream spoon.
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The panel made up of appointees of Mayor Eric Garcetti voted to reject District Square, a 577-unit housing development planned on Crenshaw Boulevard near an Expo light-rail station.
A vast majority of Los Angeles County voters feel that law enforcement should have a larger role in addressing the homelessness crisis, according to a new poll conducted for the Los Angeles Times and the Los Angeles Business Council Institute.
As wildfires intensify, the twin problems of climate change and housing affordability are making it harder to live in California.
L.A. residents are not satisfied with the results of the millions of tax dollars spent on homelessness and think it’s time to break with longstanding practices. But even with those reservations, they would be willing to continue or expand funding, a Times poll found.
Hollywood has never been as dominated by homelessness as skid row, but in both places you can find the stark juxtaposition of thriving commerce and intractable collapse.
A former marine is now a cop, walking the streets of Hollywood on the homelessness beat. She sees a flawed strategy, haphazard execution and discouraging results.
It’s been a little over a year since the Woolsey fire began its assault on the Santa Monica Mountains, so survivors of that devastation can talk pretty calmly about what they and their neighbors experienced.
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California pushes back against automakers that side with the Trump administration, which wants to strip the state’s authority to regulate emissions.
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