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The LAPD says it will make adjustments to a data-driven program it uses to fight property crime but which critics say targets minority neighborhoods.
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The L.A. City Council has voted to move forward with an effort to stop landlords from quickly evicting tenants or raising rent before a new state rental law takes effect.
Boise is a midsize city with a manageable homeless population. But it is setting standards for how much bigger cities deal with homeless encampments.
A newly formed group called Homeshare Alliance Los Angeles has been pushing City Council members to permit Angelenos to rent out a second unit to travelers.
The Los Angeles City Council will decide whether to halt no-fault evictions after reports landlords are evicting tenants prior to a new state law taking effect.
Over the past four years, lawmakers have quietly chipped away at zoning communities for single-family homes only, opening the door to smaller backyard units.
It began as so many do — while reporting another story. A Times photographer and I were finishing an article about the odd and sometimes ingenious ways that homeless people seek — and find — shelter. Then we heard about a double murder-suicide.
Most homeless people suffer from mental illness or substance abuse, studies show. In response, state law needs to change.
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An environmental group on Tuesday petitioned the California Fish and Game Commission to designate the western Joshua Tree as threatened, a push sure to set off battles with desert developers.
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