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Tuesday’s debate between Trump and Biden could have used a mom -- someone who knows how to exert some discipline over a heedless child.

Enter the Fray

The Trump team, like the president himself, is working aggressively to make voters disbelieve what they see and hear from Joe Biden at the first debate.

Here are the Los Angeles Times’ editorial board endorsements for president, California ballot measures and more.

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For the sake of democracy, the social platform needs to unplug the recommendation engine and algorithms that push users into extremist groups.

The Trump administration has deeply damaged our civil rights laws. Here are urgent actions a Biden-Harris administration should take to reinvigorate civil rights enforcement.

Logging bills, like the one introduced by Sen. Feinstein, are being promoted as solutions. But removing trees could actually make wildfires worse.

Right-wing historic blocs tend to emerge when the left is strong and when the right decides to stop playing by the rules of liberal democracy.

The Wilshire Boulevard redo has its risks, but the track record of its architect and museum director gives it every chance of succeeding.

The most likely scenario for the Trump-Biden debate is that these two septuagenarian men will simply confirm what everybody already thinks about them.

Cancer screenings are down dramatically during the pandemic. By delaying tests, patients are delaying treatment — and putting their health at risk.


All presidential elections are uniquely consequential, but a good case can be made that the next one is the most important of our lives. The time has come to undo the great mistake of 2016 and drive Trump out of office at the ballot box.

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