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Enter the Fray
As states de-emphasize and de-fund ‘congregate care,’ children are landing in shelters, hotels, out-of-state facilities and detention centers.
Even without resorting to ‘alternative’ facts, people with different ideologies will disagree about which facts are relevant.
For fans of legal combat, the impeachment trial promises to be entertaining, but the Trump legal team’s constitutional arguments can barely pass a straight-face test.
Our racist president paid lip service to Martin Luther King Jr. while continuing to obliterate Barack Obama’s accomplishments.
The proposed federal regulations will almost certainly ignite years of litigation and political battles, without making anything fairer for anyone.
The bravery of some Jews in the civil rights movement did not necessarily reflect American Jewish attitudes at that time.
Research on the coast of Tunisia shows relatively rapid erosion caused by development, a dramatic finding that can be applied to Southern California.
All presidential elections are uniquely consequential, but a good case can be made that the next one is the most important of our lives. The time has come to undo the great mistake of 2016 and drive Trump out of office at the ballot box.
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