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Enter the Fray
In November, Republican lawmakers could close polling places in Democratic areas and even prevent people from voting directly for the president.
Venezuela needs political solutions to its problems more than ever, and the U.S. indictment of the country’s dictator could make that harder to achieve.
Posts by Richard A. Epstein, widely circulated by Trumpites, helped to justify the administration’s equivocation and denial about the coronavirus.
We should confine terrorism crimes to offenses involving violence and intimidation against a large body of civilians in pursuit of political aims.
Rather than building hospitals in Afghanistan and Iraq, we should have been producing masks and ventilators here at home.
After 9/11, they said irony was dead. After Obama was elected, they said satire was dead. Despite the dire predictions we’re hearing amid the coronavirus crisis, our lives will return to normal one day. But our behaviors may change dramatically for a time, but our natures will not.
All presidential elections are uniquely consequential, but a good case can be made that the next one is the most important of our lives. The time has come to undo the great mistake of 2016 and drive Trump out of office at the ballot box.
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