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Auto safety experts and driverless technology advocates hope someone will put an end to Tesla’s word games and rule-skirting.


In Scottsdale, Ariz., actor Steven Seagal is seeking $3.4 million for his desert retreat lined with bulletproof glass.

Swiss billionaire Hansjoerg Wyss has withdrawn from a bid to buy the Tribune Publishing newspaper chain.

Safety regulators are warning people with kids and pets to immediately stop using a treadmill made by Peloton after a child died and others were hurt.

The ArcLight Hollywood with its Cinerama Dome means a great deal to Hollywood the neighborhood. Here’s hoping for a rescue that saves it but doesn’t try to reinvent something that works.

It turns out games are uniquely tailored to explore love, romance and heartbreak. Consider “Maquette,” “Genesis Noir” and “Journey of the Broken Circle,” interactive conversations that ask players to think about love.

Some businesses cut hours, services and staff, or closed altogether. But many have survived beyond their expectations.

A cancer patient paid about $200 for blood tests at a doctor’s office and nearly $2,000 for the same tests at a Los Angeles hospital. This is nuts.

Triller’s parent company on Wednesday appointed a new CEO, Mahi de Silva, after acquiring his company, for an undisclosed price.

José Delbo, an 87-year-old comic artist, sold more than $1 million worth of Wonder Woman NFTs. Sales like his got the attention of DC Comics and Marvel. The debate over NFT winners and losers.

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Officials moved the lone remaining occupant of the category, Merced County, into the less-stringent red tier after reexamining the region’s data.

The COVID-19 study’s results may be too late for U.S. travelers. Delta will start selling middle seats again May 1, and the nation’s other airlines already do.

The lone remaining denizen of the purple tier is Merced County after Inyo County advanced to the less-restrictive red tier Tuesday.

Media executive Chris Albrecht just sold his Pacific Palisades home for $16.25 million, the community’s third-priciest sale this year.

Is a tiny house really a glorified toolshed? Are the unhoused serving as guinea pigs for architect’s design experiments? Our columnist visits L.A.'s new wave of shelter solutions.

After buying a Beverly Hills mansion, prolific screenwriter Kevin Williamson has sold his Cape Cod-style home in Windsor Square for $9.415 million.

‘Cheers’ actress Kirstie Alley just sold her grand 1930s villa in the hills of Los Feliz for $7.8 million after years on the market.

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Here are some resources and suggested actions to support another person during such a difficult time. Also: Why you shouldn’t take a pension lump sum.

If you’re feeling the springtime itch to go look at open houses, first of all, we’re sorry about the sticker shock. But here’s a primer the hodgepodge of home styles you’ll see around Southern California.

COBRA, the federal program that allows people who have lost their jobs to continue paying for their former employer’s healthcare plan, is free through Sept. 30.

Extras don’t get film credits or lines. But they can get union wages, meals and perks — such as getting to read novels or work on their side gigs while on the job.

Confused about filing taxes this year? You’re not alone. Here’s a guide to get you started.

The IRS promises to refund taxes that early filers paid on the first $10,200 of unemployment benefits earned last year. The money may not show up until summer.

Employers should let workers know that mental health is a priority and make people feel safe discussing it, experts say. Workers can push for improvement too.

The California Policy Lab says a stimulus gap may be between 2.2 million Californians and payments that are owed to them. Up to $5.7 billion may be unclaimed. To get your share, you probably need to file a tax return.

COVID-induced remote working pushed planners to consult virtually. Many charge by the hour. Here’s how to find a fee-only certified financial planner.

Here’s what workers are now entitled to under the 2021 COVID-19 Supplemental Paid Sick Leave requirement — and what employers’ obligations are.

A reader wants to set up accounts for offspring averaging at least 7% return a year. Spoiler: Stocks. Also, Roth IRA intricacies.

There’s a plethora of side jobs for food lovers, including food photography and reviews, offering cooking classes, and working at restaurants, bars and — eventually — events.

Emergency funds protect against much more than job loss. Also: why seller home financing doesn’t help credit scores.


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