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Why hike in Los Angeles? Lots of reasons. Use our guide to navigate 50 trails in Southern California, plus tips on gear and treats for the trail.

Cruise the coolest pads and businesses in Palm Springs, home to more Midcentury Modern homes and businesses than anywhere else on the planet.

It can be tough navigating the world of campsite reservations in California. We break it down for you.

The COVID-19 study’s results may be too late for U.S. travelers. Delta will start selling middle seats again May 1, and the nation’s other airlines already do.

We explain what vaccine passports are, how they work, where they’ve been implemented, and why some people object to them.

A new low-fare airline, Avelo, launches from Hollywood Burbank Airport with 11 routes. Its CEO explains why this is a great time to debut.

A crumbled section of Highway 1 near Big Sur is expected to reopen by April 30 because repair work is weeks ahead of schedule, Caltrans says.


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