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From her birth in Oakland to the Senate in Washington, D.C., these locations have helped form the new candidate for vice president.

Coronavirus restrictions continue around California but most public spaces are open. The Apple fire and the Dam fire have some trails closed.

Elvis isn’t in the building, but here’s how to connect with events and people inspired by the King

Dozens of hotels in southern Baja are open and hoping to woo Americans. Here’s how four are operating.

Airbnb will for the first time be taking legal action against a guest for violating its ban on unauthorized parties, the company said Wednesday.

Customer service has declined amid the pandemic. It’s time for companies to recognize that treating customers better is good business.

The total number of firearms uncovered by the TSA dropped, but the number per passenger leaped. Most of the guns were loaded, the agency said.

What to know about refunds

Because of the coronavirus lockdown, airlines have canceled flights and reduced schedules. Know your rights and what you are entitled to.

The coronavirus pandemic is keeping cruise ships out of the water. Disney, Carnival and others have canceled more trips

Do you want your money back for the Airbnb or Vrbo you didn’t to use? Of course you do. But in many cases, you may be disappointed.

Coronavirus: If we’ve learned anything from the pandemic, it’s that once a business gets its hands on your money, it doesn’t want to give any back.

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