Los Angeles street quality grades

Los Angeles officials use street-quality grades to prioritize repairs across the city’s 28,000 lane miles. Over the past three years some neighborhoods have seen improvement. Others have been neglected. Read the story

Street quality grades A B C D F

Source: Los Angeles Bureau of Street Services

How Los Angeles grades streets

A streets: no cracking, no oxidation and no structural failure. No maintenance required.

B streets: minimal cracking, no oxidation and no structural failure. Slurry seal required.

C streets: minimal cracking, zero to 5% of structural failure. Blanketing (repaving) required.

D streets: some cracking, 6% to 35% of structural failure. Resurfacing required.

F streets: major or unsafe cracking, 36% to more than 50% of structural failure. Resurfacing or reconstruction required.