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Liar,’ corrupt, capable – The words you used to describe Hillary Clinton

We asked our readers to give us their thoughts about Hillary Clinton and her impact on American culture. Between Aug. 10 and Aug. 18, we received 1,800 pro-Clinton and 3,019 anti-Clinton responses.


Most used words Responses
qualified 574
experienced 530
smart 378
strong 187
sexism 136
service 113
misogyny 97
forward 83
capable 82
glass ceiling 81
Many of Clinton's supporters see her as the most qualified candidate, based on her many years of experience in public service.
HRC is the most qualified presidential candidate in modern history.

-Deborah Gussman | Haddonfield, N.J.

She is experienced, calm and collected … a brilliant politician who genuinely cares.

-Martha Gerdes | Davidson, N.C.

She has earned the position with her years of service.

-Bob Green | Los Angeles, Calif.

Clinton's backers often praised her with a bevy of positive adjectives, pointing out her capacity to successfully lead the nation.
Hillary Clinton is a strong woman showing men that she can play on their field, and still win, even when they throw every tired, worn stereotype at her.

-Heather Archuletta | San Francisco, Calif.

She is very strong, wise, relentless, and yet compassionate. She's like a grandma secretly disguised as a superhero.

-Lorraine Herrera | Los Angeles, Calif.

She is smart, dedicated, persistent and tough.

-Philip, Bachand | Davis, Calif.

She’s proving that it's not a man’s world anymore. Women are just as capable of leading.

-Robert Gray | Shickshinny, Pa.

Many saw sexism and misogyny as major obstacles to Clinton's success and praised her candidacy for bringing these issues to the fore.
I think Clinton is one of the few people in Washington who can actually move policy forward. She is forcing us to confront the truth of systemic sexism.

-Nicole Roberts | Van Nuys, Calif.

Just as President Obama's election exposed racism in this country, Hillary's candidacy is exposing misogyny.

-Karen Teegarden | Birmingham, Mich.

On some level it is gratifying to see the sexism that most women feel and that simmers underneath the surface ... come roiling to the top -- it's easier to fight an enemy you can name.

-Ann Whidden | Oakland, Calif.

Clinton's supporters frequently referred to her as breaking or nearly breaking a glass ceiling and saw her as an inspiring figure.
Hillary Clinton represents a nearly shattered glass ceiling. It's an exciting time to be a woman in America.

-Megan Vasquez | Whittier, Calif.

She is incredibly inspiring to women around the world, and I look forward to her breaking the most important glass ceiling there is.

-Elise Coleman | Brooklyn, N.Y.


Most used words Responses
liar 1079
corrupt 1005
war 525
dnc 515
money 454
fraud 318
foundation 302
criminal 301
democracy 300
primary 299
Clinton's opponents often questioned her credibility, calling her a liar and accusing her of corrupt or criminal activities.
Hillary Clinton is a liar and will say anything just to get a vote.

-Jerry Anderson | Belle Fourche, S.D.

She is a very competent and corrupt politician.

-Paul Bruemmer | Ventura, Calif.

She is in it for power and her own gain. She is a liar and criminal. She feels she is above any laws.

-Dawn Hubbard | Garden City, Kan.

In the end she is teaching us that lying to get what you want is ok. And it's not.

-Sherlyn Johannesen | Bakersfield, Calif.

Many of Clinton's opponents condemned her support for the Iraq war and feared she would be an overly hawkish president.
Clinton has the media and Wall Street in her corner and she is a war-monger, power hungry, one percent-er who has no idea how the rest of Americans live every day.

-Jennifer Decamp | Chantilly, Va.

Her vote for the Iraq war was a political calculation to further her own career. She shows no remorse for it.

-Eleanore Richards | Weaverville, N.C.

She is pro-war and only cares about profits over people.

-Marie Eaton | Las Vegas, Nev.

Many in the anti-Clinton camp were disappointed with the influence of money over politics and believed the Clinton Foundation's activities should be scrutinized.
People want big money out of politics; that's why Bernie was so popular.

-Deborah Meyer | Sequim, Wash.

HRC is the poster child for the obscene concentration of money and power which has been allowed to occur in our country.

-James Wilson | Vineland, N.J.

Having a 'charitable foundation' shouldn't make you rich and powerful.

-Charity Farren | Olympia, Wash.

She has conducted pay-to-play money schemes for the Clinton Foundation, for personal gain …. Her nomination is a death knell to democracy.

-John Hill | Grand Canyon, Ariz.

Many anti-Clinton respondents were also Bernie Sanders supporters who felt he deserved to win the Democratic primary. The anti-Sanders bias among some DNC officials added to their disillusionment with the Democratic party.
The Democratic primary was a sham.

-Iain Weigert | Los Angeles, Calif.

Clinton’s control over the DNC only reinforces the narrative of the deadly two-party system and the illusion of choice.

-Sarah Kimbrell-Redd | Spokane, Wash.

She is the machine and she orchestrated the rigging of this primary.

-Lisa Madrid | Elgin, Ill.

Clinton’s opponents frequently accused her of election fraud. As a result, many saw her candidacy as an affront to democracy.
She should be in prison, not running for president. She stole the nomination through voter suppression, fraud and financial corruption.

-Sheila, Arnold | Boise, Idaho

I am heartbroken to learn that my vote does not count, and I do not live in a democracy.

-Elaine Shepard | Sallisaw, Okla.

We the people are quickly coming to the realization that our democracy is dead.

-Melissa Dunn | Seattle, Wash.

I can't support any candidate who actively colludes with the media and defrauds democracy. What follows that sort of election? It certainly isn't freedom.

-James Reynolds | Pensacola, Fla.

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