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Archaeologists explore a rural field in Kansas, and a lost city emerges

A Kansas archaeology professor believes he's found the lost city of Etzanoa, spurring a rethinking of traditional views on the Native Americans' early settlement of the Midwest.

Donald Trump redefined what's possible in presidential politics. Enter Michael Avenatti

The pugnacious Newport Beach attorney is following an improbable path blazed by his nemesis in chief, testing the waters in early-voting Iowa and New Hampshire.

7-Eleven owners say they feel disenfranchised by new pact with Japanese-owned chain

7-Eleven is facing internal struggles following an unpopular new agreement that has led some Southern California franchisees to sell their stores.

With an epidemic of mental illness on the streets, counties struggle to spend huge cash reserves

After nearly 15 years, Proposition 63 — the Mental Health Services Act — has steered billions of dollars to the counties across the state. But huge sums remain unspent.

In new outburst over Mueller probe, Trump insists that White House counsel McGahn is no 'rat'

The New York Times reported Saturday that Don McGahn had voluntarily given some 30 hours of interviews to Mueller’s team, acting in part on fears that Trump would try to shift the blame to him for any wrongdoing.

With the reopening of California 1, Big Sur is back — and just in time

The nation's premiere scenic highway, closed for nearly two years due to fire, floods and mudslides, can be terrifying as well as stunning, with windswept Monterey cypress trees, brilliant sunsets, giant redwoods and crashing surf.

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