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Here's why California farmers are sticking with Trump despite raids and tariffs

Growers are willing to take their lumps. As one says, “It’s not going to be free to win this war, but it may be worth it."

Inside L.A.'s other cycling world — no helmet, no cars and not much money for repairs

I roamed South Los Angeles for a few days last week, trying to get a good read on the bike culture, and I ended up learning a lot about the local economy.

O.C. anti-corruption task force collapsed amid infighting between federal and local investigators

Nearly four years after it began, the joint operation quietly fell apart amid conflicts between local and federal investigators who had little to show for their work together, according to a Times investigation.

How much has once-dreary Hollywood changed? Try $6,600 a month for a 2-bedroom apartment

New York developer Related Cos. has finished the Argyle House, a $90-million luxury apartment tower next to the landmark Capitol Records tower near the famous intersection of Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street.

North Korea says it will suspend nuclear and missile testing

Pyongyang says it has no need for further testing as it has completed its weapons program and will now focus on its economy.


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What book changed your life?

The curriculum requirement from high school that first made you love to read? A book of poetry that made you look at things in a whole new way? A biography that gave you an entirely new point of view? We want to hear about it.