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Racist, ignorant, strong – The words you used to describe Donald Trump

We asked readers to give us their thoughts about Donald Trump and his impact on American culture. From March through June, we received 630 pro-Trump and 1,041 anti-Trump responses.


Most used words Responses
jobs 123
Hillary Clinton 97
change 73
business 71
Obama 64
immigration 64
establishment 64
hope 62
strong 61
illegal 58
Jobs were the top concern among Trump supporters. Dismayed by the state of the economy, many believed his business acumen and proposal to limit immigration would improve their own prospects.
We need change in tax reform, American-made jobs brought back to America, and that feeling of being a proud American.

-David Peterson | Did not disclose

Donald Trump is a captain of business and he thinks outside the box.

-Ray Comfort | Sunrise, Fla.

He will bring in common sense, bring our deficit down, control illegal immigration, and control the White House.

-John Picano | Port St Lucie, Fla.

Disapproval of Hillary Clinton and disdain for the Washington establishment led many to call out Trump's status as a political outsider.
Hillary can't be trusted. The establishment on both sides can't be trusted. They want to protect their turf and could care less what the people want.

-TVW | Middleton, Ind.

Hillary Clinton should be in jail for what she has done. She is a phony, corrupt to the core, and an outright criminal.

-Joe Mathewson | San Miguel, Calif.

Donald Trump is showing the people how to fight against the establishment.

-Manuel | Miami, Fla.

What is Hillary going to bring that's different from any other politician? …. At least there is something to look forward to with Donald Trump, albeit good or bad.

-Samuel Kim | Riverside, Calif.

Trump supporters often mentioned hope and change, mirroring President Obama's 2008 campaign slogan. Disappointed with the president, they suggested they are looking to Trump to actually "make America great again."
I voted for Obama twice, but I support Trump.

-Thomas Tierney | Signal Hill, Calif.

He may be the only hope for America.

-Gary Ellerbrock | Findlay, Ohio

The political elite have had their run and now it's time for a change, a significant and positive impact.

-Joe Carrillo | Washington, DC

True Hope and True Change!

-Tamara Malone | North Hollywood, Calif.

Many in the pro-Trump camp said they view him as a strong leader, regardless of his brash personality.
Donald Trump presents a strong front to our enemies and allies alike.

-Nancy Lewis | Mendenhall, Miss.

We need a strong leader and yes maybe a little bit of a bully regarding foreign policy. This country is in a shambles because of poor leadership and bold-faced lies.

-Joseph Digiorgio | Bayonne, N.J.

He is the only candidate suitable for President. His win is absolute. He is controversial and a strong leader. All great leaders were controversial in the beginning.

-Agya Saini | Bakersfield, Calif.


Most used words Responses
racism 236
hatred 187
negative 127
dangerous 109
worst 105
narcissistic 102
bully 93
ignorant 83
white 79
violence 76
Trump's opponents frequently accused him of racism and feared he was instigating hatred and violence toward immigrants, minorities and people protesting his candidacy.
If we elect Donald Trump, the American lamp of freedom has gone out …. He has revealed that what really attracts the GOP base to their party is not conservative social positions and economic principles, but racism, bigotry, and ignorance.

-Tom Kuekes | Did not disclose

He is peddling racism and hate.

-Pete Quezada | Houston, Texas

He is literally the personification of the deep-seated hate, evil and racism that exist in this country.

-Brittany Bryan | Baltimore, Md.

It is suddenly okay to openly support bigotry, racism and personal attacks.

-Donald Cook | Simi Valley, Calif.

I am on his hitlist simply because of my heritage. I am literally afraid of the random violence he intentionally incites and invites from his supporters.

-Zayd Zoubi | Tempe, Ariz.

How can I live in a country that is America, land of the free, and feel so suffocated by the hate of this evil man? How do people not really see him for what he is?

-Stephanie Hanna | Marinette, Wis.

Many Trump opponents characterized the Republican as the most dangerous presidential candidate in modern history.
Donald Trump is an exceptionally dangerous man.

-Nicole Larson | San Diego, Calif.

There has not been a more dangerous candidate to our democracy and to the tenants of our constitution in our lifetime. Our current situation makes a Bush, Reagan or even a Nixon presidency appear dramatically appealing.

-Andrew T. Mangan | Santa Monica, Calif.

He is frightening and almost certainly dangerous to the security of the U.S. ... Unfortunately he is a popular phenomena that has tapped into a few very negative sound bytes that uninformed and angry people seem to adhere to.

-Beth Anderson | San Luis Obispo, Calif.

The Donald is a dangerous candidate who has highjacked the GOP through hateful racist, fascist rhetoric that the media loves to cover … He brings out the worst in us.

-Bob Winet | Rancho Mirage, Calif.

Anti-Trump respondents often deemed his personality unpresidential with a barrage of negative terms.
He has no specific goals or policies, except for the ludicrous "wall." He also appears ignorant on most subjects that would concern a presidential nominee.

-Michael Stekoll | Los Angeles, Calif.

He is a liar, racist, bigot and narcissist.

-JC | Christiansburg, Va.

He has marshaled the lowest common denominator and he communicates like a bully.

-Diane Arsenault | Ipswich, Mass.

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