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About Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton reader responses

By Christine Zhang, Andrea Roberson and Colleen Shalby

Our pages are based on data from responses to two separate surveys, one about Donald Trump and one about Hillary Clinton, which asked readers if they supported the candidate and “What impact do you think Donald Trump / Hillary Clinton is having on American culture right now?”. We determined the 10 most frequently used words among people supporting and opposing each candidate.

We collected Trump responses from March 29 through June 29, and received 1,687. We excluded 16 respondents who were undecided.

We collected 4,921 Clinton responses between Aug. 10 and Aug. 18 and excluded 102 respondents who were undecided.

This analysis is based on how many people used a certain word in responses, not the number of times they used the word.

We excluded the following words: “and,” “the,” “or,” “nation,” “bring(ing),” “person,” “absolutely,” “united,” “makes” and “politician(s).”

We combined words with similar roots, including: “job” and “jobs”; “racist” and “racism”; and “narcissist(s)”, “narcissism” and 'narcissistic”; “experience” and “experienced”; “intelligent” and “intelligence”; “sexist” and “sexism”; “misogyny”, “misogynist” and “misogynistic”; “glass ceiling” and “glass ceilings”; “liar”, “lying” and “lies”; and “corrupt” and “corruption”.

“Hillary” and “Hillary Clinton” was combined with “Clinton”, when “Clinton” was used in reference to Hillary Clinton.

“Smart” was a frequently used term among Clinton supporters, so we combined it with “intelligent” and “intelligence.”

We also excluded words used by more than 50 people in both the supporting and opposing camps. An exception was the composite term “liar/lying/lies,” which was used by 69 people supporting Clinton and 1,079 people opposing Clinton.

Responses were edited for clarity and brevity.