Animation of people walking into and out of the white house

The most notable firings and resignations in the Trump administration

Dozens of people have left President Trump's administration since his inauguration in January 2017. The most recent departure was that of Don McGahn, whose departure this fall as White House counsel was announced by the president in a tweet on Wednesday.

The White House communications staff has been the scene of many changes as it continues to wrestle to craft a message sometimes at odds with Trump’s frequent tweeting.

At the National Security Council, there has been a leadership struggle since Michael Flynn resigned in the face of pressure over undisclosed contacts with Russia. One appointee was fired over comments he made at a private function. His successor, H.R. McMaster, eventually was replaced as well.

Here are the most noteworthy departures and the number of days each spent in the administration before heading for the exit.

Jan. 20, 2017

Some start dates were unavailable. In those cases the start date of the person who appointed them was used.

Sources: Times reporting

Credits: Animated image by Swetha Kannan