Albert Pujols accomplishes one of baseball’s rarest feats

Albert Pujols made history May 4, when he became the fourth player to collect 3,000 hits and 600 home runs. How rare of an accomplishment? Of the 19,246 players who have been on Major League Baseball rosters, 0.02% have reached these milestones.

Each dot represents one player. (Includes 18,046 players for whom stats were available via Fangraphs)

Less than a third of major leaguers, only 5,317, have even reached 100 hits. Pujols earned his 100th hit in his 80th game.

Just 1,312 players have made it to 1,000 hits, including Pujols, who did it during his sixth season with the St. Louis Cardinals.

Only 1.5% of players —  287 according to Fangraphs — have racked up 2,000 hits or more.

The 3,000 hit club includes only 32 players.

Only four of those players also have 600 home runs.

That's fewer than the number of pitchers who have thrown perfect games (23), batters who had seven hits in a single game (five) and players who have stolen 100 bases in a season (12).

Credits: Additional programming by Priya Krishnakumar

Sources:, Fangraphs, Baseball Almanac