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An illustrated tribute to Stan Lee and his career

Stan Lee, a giant in the comic book industry, died November 12, 2018. The complex and once-reluctant writer worked closely and frequently fought with his artistic collaborators. Together, they developed characters that battled inner demons as frequently as they battled villains, and each other. They transformed comics with some of the world’s most recognizable superheroes. In recent months, Lee had been accused of sexual harassment. He had been struggling with a variety of other personal setbacks.

Lee’s own road to fame wasn’t easy. He was one of the hardest working men in comics — driven by his experiences as a child during the great depression…

Butcher Billy for the Los Angeles Times

Final years

Stan Lee had since taken a step back from Marvel but remained well known partly because of his constant cameos in Marvel films. Lee hadn’t been shy about his fame and met with fans through conventions like Comic-Con International in San Diego and his own, smaller Stan Lee's L.A. Comic Con. He continued to cultivate various projects under his own company, POW! Entertainment.

In April of this year, Lee was involved in a series of scandals including accusations of inappropriate sexual behavior. He also had financial trouble that culminated in him filing a lawsuit against his ex-business manager. Earlier this year, those around him had been accused of elder abuse.

Lee's legacy will continue to live on in the work he's produced and the undeniable influence he's had on comics, entertainment, and culture.

Butcher Billy for the Los Angeles Times

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