On the Town: Local firm helps picture the Olympics

The chances are probably better than good that, beginning with last Friday’s opening ceremonies, you have been spending some time watching the 2012 London Olympics. As you continue to place your attention on the displays of athletic excellence that are playing out almost 5,000 miles from the screen you are watching, you should know that it is only by virtue of a Burbank-based company and its dedicated employees that you are able to get an up-close-and-personal look at every event from the comfort of your home.

Bexel, a full-service equipment rental company that specializes in the broadcast coverage of major live events including awards ceremonies, news and sporting events, has provided broadcast equipment for the London Olympics, an undertaking that represents the largest project the company has ever handled. This past week, Bexel President Matt Danilowicz gathered his Burbank staff at the company’s North Ontario Street facility to thank them for the untold hours they have put in to make the world-wide coverage of the games a reality.

“I raise a glass to all of the Bexel team, in London and here, who have made this an amazing event,” said Danilowicz, who was joined by Chief Technical Officer Tom Dickinson. “It has been an honor for us to be involved with this endeavor and I ask that you please make sure all of your family members and friends know that it has been the fires burning around the clock in Burbank that has made for our company’s success in London. We all played a part in making this a successful project we can be proud of. It has truly been a team effort.”

According to Danilowicz, Bexel shipped more than $30 million in equipment, including more than 60 cameras, 200 lenses, 125 tripods, production switchers, teleprompters and five ocean containers of support equipment to London to assist the host broadcast facility provider, along with U.S. and foreign broadcasters.

Among those who were honored for their commitment at last week’s reception was Paul McKenna, who serves as the company’s transportation coordinator. “This is a small celebration for a really big event,” he said. “I am so proud to be involved with this company and what we do as a team.”

Other Bexel employees on hand included Suzanne Lezotte, Brian Brown, John and Trudy Badovinac, Jennifer Baca, Bob Bercini, Roger Martinez, Kirsten Ballard, Suzanne Lezotte, Mark McMahon, Oyette Abary, John Schrieber and Cynthia Pham.

The assemblage also took the time to recognize co-workers who are on the ground and working around the clock in London, including Johnny Pastor, Craig Schiller, Joe Wire, Andrea Rosenkrans, Edd Bonner, Tim Quinn, Roger Pagel, Lane Robbins, David Paucar, Chris Accetta, Michael Reilly, Gerald Rojo, Carlos Deuringer, David Ledbetter, Elizer Serrano-Ramirez, John Robeldo, Ted Marvin, Jim Turner, Dan Young and Nate Hayes.

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