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On the Town: KCDC sinks its teeth into fundraiser

On the Town: KCDC sinks its teeth into fundraiser
Helping make the KCDC fundraiser a success were National Charity League volunteers, from left, Carol and Sabrina Fielder, Samantha and Laurie Harmon, Mona Moore, Yvonne and Sarah Noll, Barbara Moore and Bobbi and Christy Hoffman.
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The physical and aesthetic condition of our teeth, gums and mouth are things we rarely give thought to — until something goes wrong. When things do go wrong, they do so in a big way. Few ailments are as debilitating as a toothache. Few untreated health issues can bring about such negative results as uncared for teeth and gum issues; and, few things can impact our physical appearance as missing or discolored teeth.

For many, these problems can be easily dealt with by simply making an appointment to see the dentist. For others, without insurance or the financial wherewithal to make such an appointment, these problems can escalate into unbearable pain and a serious threat to overall health.

Addressing this problem, 2002 saw the establishment of the Kids’ Community Dental Clinic (KCDC) of Burbank, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing low-cost dental care and preventive education to underprivileged children throughout Southern California. Created to help children achieve their full potential and good oral health, KCDC filled the gap left by the closing of the children’s dental clinic that St. Joseph Medical Center had run for 35 years.

Always in need of the life-blood of financial support that allows this must-needed service to continue, this past week saw KCDC staff, volunteers and supporters gather on the Woodbury University campus for the sixth annual Kids’ Community Dental Clinic Casino and Bingo Bash fundraiser.


Welcomed by the clinic’s Executive Administer Dale Gorman and KCDC Board Member Tom Engman, guests perused and bid on silent auction items while enjoying a dinner that helped sustain them through an evening of tangling with lady luck at bingo and table games such as blackjack, craps and roulette.

Among those who enjoyed the evening and supported the cause with their presence or financial gifts were Councilman Jess Talamantes and former-Mayor Anja Reinke. Others in attendance included Dorothy Williams, Larry and Ann Fagan, April Sue, Brad and Nancy Korb, Chuck and Judy Stuart, Pete McGrath, Katherine Richards, Pamela Lee, Ron and Cheryl Davis, Barbara Howell, Zita Lefebvre, Elise Stearns-Nissen and Eric and Kimberly Foster.

All proceeds from the evening will go directly to maintaining the operation of the KCDC that operates solely through the generosity of local dentists and dental professionals who volunteer their time, providing thousands of hours of service each year to those children who otherwise could not afford dental care. If you like more information on KCDC, for care, or to offer support, call (818) 841-8010.

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