On the Town: This party gives no quarter to landlubbers

While we still have a day to pass before the doorstep arrival of candy-coveting ghosts and goblins (which, in reality, will be more of an arrival of superheroes and princesses), the Saturday before Halloween has become the de facto night for ghoulish get-togethers.

That was the case as Steve and Shari Pearce transformed their Rancho-adjacent home into a mini version of “Pirates of the Caribbean” and welcomed a galleon-load of scalawags, rogues and rapscallions to their annual Halloween party this past Saturday evening.

Presented under the theme “A Pirate Party Be On The Horizon,” invitations — that expressly excluded landlubbers — included scrolls of pirate lingo and definitions so guests would arrive syntax savvy and ready to get going, or, rather…”weigh anchor and hoist the mizzen.”

Having hosted Halloween “theme” parties for more years than either Steve or Shari can agree on, some of their past costumed-celebrations of All Hallows' Eve have asked guests to attend as their favorite movie monster, a famous person living or dead and a Harry Potter character.

“One year, we even did a black-and-white themed party,” Steve recalls. “Everyone had to come dressed in only black or white and all the food we served was either black or white. I figured everyone would show up as ghosts and witches but, we had no ghosts or witches. Everyone really got creative. We had jail inmates, chefs and I was the ‘Phantom of the Opera.'”

Throughout the evening, pirate guests kept their thirsts quenched by either bellying up to a coffin bar or by helping themselves to some of the adult beverage booty that could be found in ice-filled treasure chests strategically placed around the property.

Among those who enjoyed the evening that included a sit-down dinner of pirate-themed grub were Brad and Nancy Korb, Lynn and Robin Koon, Jim and Jean Lusby, Randy and Pat Maskell, Nick Mimides, Brandon Pearce, Javier and Teri Suarez, Chris Smith, Linda Wilson and Johnny and Susan Magnus.

While the more traditional choices of pirate garb dominated the “argh-rated” evening, Jeff and Debbie Rosell were joined by Cara Rae by passing up on the “Pirates of the Caribbean” look for one that was inspired by the Pirates of Pittsburgh.


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