Community: Second year for winners of decorating contest

Several merry attractions and a sense of humor earned Nic and Carrie Nolan first place in the adult category for the second year in a row in the Burbank Holiday Outdoor Decorating Contest.

Members of the city's Civic Pride Committee judged 17 entries in three categories in mid-December, said Chairman Robert Vincent. All the winners received certificates from the City Council.

PHOTOS: Burbank Holiday Outdoor Decorating Contest

The Nolans' yard, which begins at 246 S. Sparks St. and wraps around onto Oak Street, won second place two years ago, and their festive scenes just keep growing.

New this year is a roller coaster that reaches halfway across the front yard. Nic Nolan started building it from scratch in November. It's made of PVC and wood. Other new decorations they came up with this year are a cotton candy machine and Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus making hot chocolate on the barbecue.

“We do it because the neighbors love it and it's so much fun. When kids come by, you see the magic in their eyes,” Carrie Nolan said.

The decorations will remain up until Jan. 9, she added.

The couple went above and beyond in their style, imagination and beautification of lighting and characters, Vincent said.

“It was obvious they put a lot of attention into the detail, which really evoked your imagination,” he said.

There were 13 entries in the adult category and two each in the youth and commercial categories.

Sophia, Miguel, and Phoenix Santa Isabel won for the residential youth category for decorating their home at 1337 N. Whitnall Highway.

“The amount of lights, the display of lights and color combination sold us all as a first-place winner,” Vincent said.

The Holiday Inn won first place in the commercial category, much to the excitement of Erika Hofmann, director of operations, and Chris Haven, general manager. Hofmann created the ideas and designed the placement of the decorations. The inside of the hotel is decorated as well. The decorations will come down Jan. 2, so there's still time to drive by or stroll through the lobby.


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