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A nuptial nightmare on Sparks Street

The bride, Carrie Stewart Baker, made her way down the aisle toward the candle-lit altar in a powder-blue gown inspired by the fairytale cinders-to-satin princess. Her princely groom, Nicholas Nolan, looked charming in a white jacket adorned with a gold sash and epaulets as he took her hand to renew the vows they first made to each other 10 years ago. Rounding out the bridal party was her royal evilness, Jess Walton James, who served as the matron-of-honor, and Marvin Walker, who pulled off his duties as best man in gothic style.

A crush of guests that included monstrous ghouls, goblins, creatures of the night, historical figures and pop-culture-inspired characters huddled around the couple as the less-than-reverend Randy Carver officiated over the nuptials with the assistance of the macabre mansion’s maid, Shelly Herman.

Although interrupted by an objection to the union by a pistol-packin’ Annie Oakley, who bore a striking resemblance to the bride’s mother, Sue England Stewart, the ceremony continued when the sharp-tongued sharpshooter was lured away by the promise of food and drink in the adjourning room.

And thus, with their “I do’s” once again vowed, rings exchanged, and recording artist Liza Mae’s beautiful rendition of “Some Day My Prince Will Come” sung, all hell broke loose on the otherwise peaceful corner of Sparks and Oak streets this past Saturday night.


Baker, a television writer and producer who has written a series of children’s books, and Nolan, a local contractor, took to the dance floor for their first dance to the music of Last Round Down featuring Adam and Casey Baker, Caleb Dawson and Mike Valentine. While some guests opted to bathe in the moonlight by strolling through the home’s highly haunted cemetery, others met with psychic Joseph Ross who read palms, cards and his crystal ball to give a glimpse of what 2011 may have in store for them.

Among those who bore witness to this evening of marriage and mayhem were Jennifer and Tony Beahan, Dovelynn Brinton, Stacy Walker, Rachelle Moore Booth, Mark and Marlene Vella, Stacy Wallace, Howard Gold, Christine Chesney, Max Andrews, Jim Sherman, Lee and Shawn Kissinger, Gail Inzunza, Suzan and Becky Jorgensen, Hallah Karaman, Nancy Valentine, Joe Haidar, Sally Catic, Jessica Barrett, Brittany Palmer, Miles Hamilton, Lisa Dawson, Ed Stagnolini, Bonnie Chesney, Tina and Greg Staffon, Mike Hogan, Sam Olender, Lyle and Veronica Scott, Tara Morris, Dylan Corbett, Alan and Terry Wedner, Liz Holt, James Pluta and Keely Higgins.

While honeymooning at home, Nicholas and Carrie invite all Burbankers to stop by and take a ghoulish gawk at their haunted mansion at 246 S. Sparks St., between Verdugo Avenue and Oak Street.