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Local alums link up to raise funds

Burbank and Burroughs High School alumni, some who hadn’t seen one another in decades, joined forces on the links of DeBell Golf Course for the Anson Williams Charity Classic to raise funds for the two schools’ alumni associations, Service Dogs for American Veterans and the Davis-Gingell Foundation this past Friday.

“We are very appreciative that Anson Williams, who attended Burbank High School and of course is best known for his role as Potsy on the classic television series ‘Happy Days,’ loaned his name to the tournament to help make it a success,” said the event’s coordinator, Guy Gingell.

The brainchild of Gingell, Friday’s tournament, along with the foundation he oversees with his wife, Allison Davis-Gingell, stemmed from a set of circumstances involving an old Burbank High classmate. “I had heard, through Facebook, that one of my classmates, Bob Holst, was terminally ill,” Gingell said. “He was living in Pittsburgh, and when I called and told him I wanted to fly back and see him, he said not to come because he was too sick.”

Desperately wanting to do something for his old pal, Gingell learned Holst had not seen his two sons, John and Eric Holst, in years, and that they didn’t have the financial resources to fly back and see him. “I put up the money, and the kids went to see him just a few days before he died,” Gingell said.


When word of his act of kindness spread, it sparked a domino effect that saw other Burbank High alumni send checks to repay Gingell. It also caught the attention of a wealthy businessman acquaintance who was so impressed by Gingell’s compassion and generosity that he assisted the Gingells in establishing a foundation to help others in need.

Friday’s tournament, sponsored by Volvo Rents and Community Chevrolet and led by team captains Mike Feix representing Burbank High and actor Clint Howard representing Burroughs, included participation by Burbank Parks Commissioner Mickey DePalo, NBA Hall of Fame player and coach Lenny Wilkens, Randy Wilkens, Brigid and Bob Graham, Betty Worland, Jim Grasse, John Whitt, Barry Erickson, Ron Panich and the Holst boys — John and Eric who were accompanied by John’s fiancée, Tanna Byrne.

Others who enjoyed the day on the links included Tess Apinchapone, Bob Bauman, Chuck Berry, Joe Bronlend, Barry Cadwallader, Sean Ceglinsky, James Chae, Sean Cyphers, Kelsey Danzeisen, Brady Dunayer, Bob Elliot, Matt Flynn, Peter Fong, Bruce Frishette, Joany Gao, Marty Garrison, John and Tony Gofredo, Bob Graham, Steve Hamilton, Allan Hoffmaster, Dave Hourigan, Chris Kesicbasian, Keith Kimura, Lou Lanteri, Patrick Londono, Pavipa Losakul, Al Martens, Tim McGuire, Mark McMillan, Don Melton and Chris Morris.

Also in attendance were Carol Furry Mosher, Alfred Ogas, Bob Pappert, Dennis Pelch, Ed Perez, Larry Phillips, Haley Pirruccello, Gary Richards, Steve Ross, Ruben Santa Cruz, John Schilling, Charley Schultz, Branko Sevic, Gary Sexton, Chuck Visnic, Criag Wilde, Brett Wilson and Chuck Woods.