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Hollywood Burbank Airport has record month in August

Hollywood Burbank Airport
Hollywood Burbank Airport had 556,491 passengers in August, which was the highest number of passengers it has had in a month this year.
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Hollywood Burbank Airport ended the summer with the most passengers it has seen during a single month so far this year, reporting that passenger numbers climbed by 20% in August.

There were 556,491 passengers for the month, which was 92,838 more than the same month in 2018, said Nerissa Sugars, the airport’s manager of air service development, during a meeting of the Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena Airport Authority on Monday.

It was also the first month this year that every airline at Hollywood Burbank posted growth in their passenger numbers.

Southwest Airlines had 361,512 passengers in August, an increase of 32,308 passengers compared to the same month last year.


American Airlines reported having 28,797 passengers, a hike of 15,439 over the previous year.

Delta Airlines had 29,216 passengers, an increase of 13,661 passengers over last year.

JetBlue Airways reported 19,386 passengers, or 10,559 more passengers than in 2018.

Spirit Airlines, the newest air carrier at Hollywood Burbank, had 14,008 in August.


Alaska Airlines had a modest outing with 66,494 passengers, which was up 3,255 from last year.

United Airlines had its first positive month of this year, with 37,078 passengers, an increase of 3,608 passengers compared to the year before.

Parking revenue continues to yield positive growth for Hollywood Burbank. All of its parking services generated about $1.96 million in August, up $152,768 over last year.

Additionally, the airport received $432,418 from ride-sharing companies for pick-ups and drop-offs during the month. That was an increase of $159,178 compared to last year.

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